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Maria – Cheshire Gossip Girl Founder

 Maria has worked with local businesses for the past 7 years and through this she realised that she could help businesses with branding, advertisement and PR. Her passion for quality yet affordability really shines through with her work, from Public Relations to Blogging. After living and working all over Cheshire she has created some amazing contacts, this helps to bring her clients into the limelight at events or photoshoots. Working along side large Manchester based PR companies has taught her all the do’s and dont’s. Maria set up Cheshire Gossip Girl in February 2015 and since then has worked with many different business and also created Cheshire Gossip Girls entire brand. Maria’s creative flare really shines through.. even down to her tweets. Her blog and youtube channel, along with her social media platforms gives her the most up-to-date source for advertisement in Cheshire.



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