We all want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model

We all want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model… but the truth is we can’t unless we have the exact bone structure and perfect photo shopping as they do. We can all stop dreaming and get our heads back into reality and think about how we can look the best we can be… This doesn’t have to be all about vanity, this can be about being fit and healthy and looking after our bodies as if they have to last us a life time right?

In this article I want to talk about my fitness regime and the things I do to try and look after body, skin and mind.

I love working out, I think it has to be my favorite thing… I know its not for everybody but if you dread going to the gym then make it fun… Take a friend, join a bootcamp with similar minded people or try out some fun new classes at your gym.

I have only recently started doing lots of intense exercise.. before this I was a professional dancer and danced 8 hours a day 5 days a week so never really needed to take extra time to go and ‘work out’ but I started to feel unfit so wanted to make a change and start looking after my body again. I started off by running, I ran whenever I had free time… only a couple of miles, 4 times a week… But after a couple of months went by I started seeing my body change, My legs weren’t touching anymore and my abs started to appear again. I felt like I had caught the fitness bug! So then I joined the gym with my boyfriend, this was great as it gave us more time to spend together and instead of going to the movies or staying in at home, we would go to the gym together! At the gym I take part in lots of classes, my favorites are Insanity, Rig Circuit, spin and Boxercise. I like to mix it all up with some running as well and I now exercise 4-6 times a week.

With this I have found I have much more of an appetite so I try and stay healthy in the week and eat lots of good carbs, lots of fresh fruit or smoothies so that at the weekends I can have a few naughty treats, I love cupcake and sweeties 🙂

I love drinking tea at the minute….Pukka Tea is my favorite. I have found that drinking lots of green tea has done my skin wonders, I used to get a few spots on my chin from hormones but now my skin has never been so clear. Licorice and peppermint is also a favorite of mine… I could talk about tea all day!!

If you want to set yourself targets to get you motivated this is a great idea. I found that when I hit a target I would buy myself some new gym gear, then that would spur me on to my next target as I wanted to wear my new clothes… You should try this!

Let me know how you get on with your fitness journey whether you are just starting out, hit a wall or if you have entered a competition, I would love to hear about it 🙂

Thanks for reading

xox Gossip Girl

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