Piccolino and Club Individual

OK so this week was Piccolino Knutsford’s reopening launch to show off it’s glamorous refurbishment and we absolutely loved it. Not only does the restaurant look gorgeous but the staff are lovely and the food is exquisite!

I have been a big fan of the Piccolino food chain now ever since the Bramhall restaurant opened and I find the food to die for! Everything from it’s healthy brunches with fresh fruit smoothies to it’s seafood and cocktails in the evening’s. Everything is fresh and all the bread and deserts are freshly handmade on the premises.

Knutsford Piccolino is a great place to take the family or meet up with friends in the day time, and in the evening a nice romantic place to go with a loved one,as on the terrace it feels like you could be in a beautiful restaurant in Italy…

My favorite food’s from the restaurant’s brunch menu are the Salmon with Scrambled egg on Fresh toasted bread with the Skinny Blueberry and Almond Milk Smoothie and I love the mussels and Ravioli on the evening menu with a gorgeous ‘PornStar Martini’ Cocktail.

This restaurant is great for special occasions or even if you just fancy popping out for drinks or a desert 🙂 The pastry counter is in full view of the restaurant where chefs will also be showing off with their waffle and pancake making skills.

The restaurant is in the heart of Knutsford located on King Street so whether you are visiting Knutsford for the first time or just doing some shopping at the weekend you must pop in for a bite to eat or a 3 course meal, the choice is up to you!!

All this talk about food is making me hungry…. It’s a good job I’m going to Piccolino’s tonight for a family meal.

Please let me know what you love best about the restaurant in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading,

xox Gossip Girl

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