Organising The Perfect Party

Everyone wants to have the best party or launch of their business.. but more times than none it’s how do you put it all together when your so busy? Or how can I afford to do that after putting all my money into my new business?

Well this is where Cheshire Gossip Girl can help!

From previous parties, events and through using social media I have created a large list of amazing contacts and businesses who are all incredible at what they do… So if it’s a dinner party you are looking for? I have some amazing restaurants who could hire you part of their restaurant. Or if it’s a launch night at your beauty salon or shop? I have some exquisite caterers, Or if you just want to have an amazing Birthday Party then I can sort out any type of location, entertainment and refreshments.

The great thing about Cheshire Gossip Girl is that I can suit any budget and any occasion… So if you want a big extravagant event or just a small networking event I cater to everyones needs 🙂

Also with all my contacts I can get all the right people to come to your event.. So if your wanting to sell a product or wanting your business to look better than the rest I can bring those people to you!

If you are interested please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!


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