As you may know, I love anything to do with fitness. Whether it’s running, dancing, doing a fitness class or with my personal trainer… So when I was given the opportunity to work with Yoga Life, I jumped at the chance. I had never done yoga before and was a little anxious to try a class, but I can assure you that after my first class at the beautiful boutique hot yoga studio, I was converted and now attend at least one class a week.

I have found taking time out for 1 hour a week to unwind and stretch out all the tension in my body from work, intense exercise and any other stresses your body can be under makes me feel so invigorated!

So what is hot yoga? It is a style of yoga practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees fahrenheit. Yes, it is quite toasty, but the benefits are undeniable and the endorphin rush you feel after your sweat session is addictive.

The sweat drips from every single part of your body, from your fingertips down to your toes. The sweating flushes toxins out of your body and allows you to stretch more deeply due to the heat which softens the muscles. I also noticed that my skin glows because the pores are opened and cleaned as we sweat. One of my favorite aspects of hot yoga is that it torches major calories while working your entire body from the inside out. Hot yoga detoxifies, tones and strengthens, heals and enhances flexibility in the body.

When your lying in final shavasana at the end of class, no matter how difficult the class was, you feel grateful and energized. At that moment, it feels as if nothing else exists in the world and you will feel completely calm and refreshed. Practicing yoga makes me more mindful of my bodies and makes me want to nourish and care for it properly.

Some dos and don’ts for hot yoga:

-Come to class well hydrated, and make sure to drink A TON of water after class throughout the day. It is easy to get dehydrated after sweating so much.

-Do not have a heavy meal before class.

-Do not feel self-conscious about your sweat. Everyone in the room is dripping in sweat as well. Embrace it!

-Bring a towel. If you find yourself slipping on your mat it can be helpful

-Listen to your body. If you feel like you need to stop and take a break during class, do what you need to do!

-Wear as little clothing as possible. Light, breathable, moisture-wicking material is a must.

-Reward yourself after class with a fresh smoothie or juice.

It can be intimidating to try hot yoga for the first time because of the thought of intense heat, but after a few classes, you will enjoy the sensation and become rather used to it. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before and are embarrassed, everyone is focused on their own practice and will not judge you! During class, you are always reminded that you can stop and sit down to catch your breath and have a sip of water.

Why not try Hot Yoga!

If you are interested in trying out a class at YOGALIFE UK then please enter ‘GOSSIPGIRLHOTYOGA’ at the check out when booking your first class at for a FREE class!


T: 0845 301 6531

See you there xoxo

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