POP Perfumery Knutsford and the Perfume Society

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We were delighted to be invited to The Perfume Societies event at Pulse of Perfumery in Knutsford last weekend. The shop was closed for the event so that we could smell lots of different perfumes and learn how to use our noses to pick the perfect perfume for ourselves. We even got to take away a beautiful goody bag full of amazing treats and surprises.

First of all the Perfume Society is a community that you can actually join to enjoy events, ‘discovery boxes’, our online perfume magazine – and much, much more… They give you the chance to get together with other fragrance-lovers. Meet the perfume world’s most talented creators. Be first to know about – and try – new launches. They even know that once you really start to explore this extraordinary world, it’s a bit like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. So be prepared to awaken your senses…

Check them out on their website http://www.perfumesociety.org and discover the fabulous world of perfume.

Now I have to say that POP in Knutsford has to be my favourite perfume shop. If you live in the area you have to check them out. If you go into Selfridges or Harvey Nichols you find that you either go in for a specific perfume you are looking for or the sales person at the counter is giving you the hard sell of a specific brand or promotion.

Well at POP they find out exactly what sort of smells you like, and what kind of occasion and whether you want to wear it in the current season or you’re  just looking for a day perfume that you want to wear all year round. They will let you try out as many perfumes as you wish and as they are a smaller shop they have some amazing treasures in there, which you may not be able to get hold of in your normal department store.

The staff are also super friendly and we just can’t wait to go back to buy our next fragrance.

Check them out on Twitter @POPperfumery

or visit their store

25 Princess Street, Knutsford,WA16 6BW