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Do you workout regularly but struggle with a certain area of stubborn fat? Do you have a wedding or a special event coming up and want to look and feel your best? Have you thought about having liposuction but feel it is far to invasive? Or even just struggling to get rid of your baby weight? LIPOGLAZE may just be for you!!!

LABS clinic has treated many different people including celebrities, fashion models, new Mums, brides to be, body builders and even yes……even us normal people. Each having the common concern of having stubborn areas of fat that they are unable to shift no matter how hard they try. All their consultants are trained by lovelite in Harley Street, London.

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As most of you may no I love exercise and fitness and any opportunity to try anything related to this I jump at the chance. Visiting LabsClinic in the heart of Alderley Edge was a delight. Emma did my treatment and she was so friendly and made me feel at ease… I am probably the most nervous of patients for anyone 🙂

The treatment started with Emma placing a cool wet material over the area which was to be treated, followed by placing the machine over the area and then the treatment started. The machine sucks up the skin/fat and starts to freeze the area. It does feel very cold initially… but like I said after the first few minutes you don’t feel much as the area turns numb because your skin goes down to -3 degrees. After 30 minutes the machine is then slowly released and the consultant will then massage the area and get your circulation back to normal.

I was slightly sceptical about having this treatment done as I have quite low body fat already and wondered if it would still work on me… but I had this treatment done yesterday and I have woken up this morning feeling more toned already! Emma told me the real results start to show 6-8 week after the treatment so I can’t wait to see what happens.

If you have been feeling fed up and a slightly over weight I can guarantee that this will solve all your problems.

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LabsClinic also brings LIPOGLAZE to Boot Camps (coming soon to Cheshire) and has worked on celebrities such as Binky Felstead to help her get ready for a photoshoot in a very short period of time. read all about her story here.. Binky Felstead Story.

How LipoGlaze Works

Lipoglaze gently warms up the treatment area which encourages blood and fat to separate. Then by using Cryotherapy, carefully freezes away fat cells – without you having to undergo the surgeon’s knife. These fatty cell deaths are permanent which means results are, which is why this latest technology is state of the art. LABS Clinic can destroy 30-40% of fat in the treated area within one session.

Just after one lipoglaze cryogenic lipolysis treatment that takes up to an hour, simply allow your body to do the rest – You won’t even feel the fat cells crystallise and then break down, disappearing for good.

In simple terms, permanently remove fatty areas you do not like, knowing the fat cells cannot come back.

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