Cheshire Gossip Girls Beauty Secrets

As you all no that I have a massive love for beauty and hair I thought that I would share all of my beauty secrets with you guys…. Nail varnishes, moisturisers, exfoliators, fake tanning, make up, hair care.. I will spill it all.

Lets start with hair – my hair is quite thick and I have been told by many of hair dresses that my hair is ‘corse’ which unfortunately for me has meant that for years I have been fighting with frizz and curly waves, trying to get it as straight as possible, which has never really worked. But whilst hosting a beauty event in Hale I came across an amazing hair oil sample in a goody from HOBS Salon called Bamboo – Kendi Oil, I tried this oil whilst on a beach holiday in Crete as my hair gets extremely dry from the sea and sun… ever since using it my hair has never felt so good. As soon as I got back from my holiday I went and bought the full size bottle. As for shampoo and conditioner I use Kerastase colour protect so that my balayage stays in tip top condition for as long as possible – I can use the conditioner as a weekly treatment too by leaving it on a little longer!

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When it comes to your skin I feel that it is so important to keep moisturised. We have to look after our skin especially whilst we are young to prevent any premature ageing. I ALWAYS moisturise after my morning shower and at night I smother myself in moisturiser before I put my pyjamas on. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Creme 300g £40 is my little luxury! I also fake tan every Tuesday and Friday evening using St Tropez Gradual Tan and exfoliate once a week to keep my skin in tip top condition.

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With my face I have to keep it really clean. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day…this could be morning and evening or mid-day and evening, I try not to do it more than twice as I don’t want to over-do it.. but as I go to the gym 6 days a week I need to make sure after working out I have removed all the dirt and sweat from my face to avoid breakouts (It’s a nightmare). My make-up is always quite simple, I use NARS Tinted Moisturiser, Dior Bronzer, mascara and highlighter, Kiko eyebrow pencil and Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet.. I find with these products I can make it look really simple, or if I’m going out I can build it up more with the different eyeshadow colours and mascara.

Nails… Im obsessed with Nailsinc – Nail Kale, Its AMAZING! It lasts for over a week without chipping and because it has kale in it when you take it off your nails feel so much stronger. Their colours are so pretty too, I love a nude nail or pale pink.

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I would love to answer more of your questions on beauty or hair!

Lots of love

Cheshire Gossip Girl