Cheshire Gossip Girls favourite ‘Winter Warmers’

As we have put all our Christmas decorations away and can get our homes back to normal again, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite interior pieces and must-haves for these dark, cold, wintery nights… Which I think are going to be hanging around for longer than we think…


I love making my home look pretty, looking on Pinterest for amazing interior design ideas which I try to copy by finding pieces locally at an affordable price, that will last for years to come (I know, I don’t ask for much). In the process of all of this I have found some amazing local retailers, selling things from candles, sofas, cushions to even light fixings.

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Lets start with my favourite candles… I have been a lover of smelling beautiful candles ever since I was a teenager, spending what seemed like hours smelling all the candles in Selfridges when shopping with my mum. Well that love only escalated , I now have candles in most areas of my home. From Jo Malone to Yankee its safe to say I am obsessed.

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I then found The Naked Candle Company, a local company based and sourced in Cheshire owned by Simone and Jake and they were kind enough to give me the range of candles that they produce, from Tobacco, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Black Orchard, Lime Basil & Mandarin to Wild Fig and Cassis. Its safe to say all their candles smell AMAZING! Their candles smell as good as Jo Malone… If not better and are a fraction of the price ranging from £6 – £15! My favourite scent was Tobacco…. you know you have a good candle when you keep opening up the box to remind you of the smell.

Check out all of their candle range at

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The shop that I buy the majority of my furnishings from is HomeBird, they have a huge store in Cheadle Hulme and a smaller shop in Wilmslow, they sell anything from gorgeous sofas to cool cushions. If you haven’t been you should pay them a visit (make sure you give yourself a few hours.. you’ll get lost in there) They sell photo frames and furniture as well, you name it, its in there. My two favourite ‘winter warmers’ from there are this quirky cushion and the amazing throw which only costs £35… so its super affordable too.

Check out their website at – But you have to visit the shop to see their whole selection.

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My next obsession is rose gold, from my laptop to my vase, I think it’s super stylish. Even when I go out for dinner and they have a rose gold light  fixture I ask where its from… Here are a few ideas of similar things I have in my home.

Im sure you will be hearing more about my love of furnishings again,

Thanks for reading, Cheshire Gossip Girl xoxo