I’ve signed up for the Cancer Research Race for Life!

So, I have been asked by the events team at Cancer Research if I would like to take part in the ‘Race For Life 10k’ at Tatton Park on Sunday 26th June 2016… I have thought about entering races before and always chicken’d out before I even give myself chance to sign up. So when I met up with Laura, the events Manager for the North West events she certainly made me feel at ease about the whole experience… So much so that I have also signed up for the October Half Marathon…. *what am I doing*

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 15.47.36

Ok so let’s start with a bit about my running history… I have never been a runner, when I was at school I never did cross country with all the other kids, I would get a stitch or my chest would start hurting if I ran outside. When I was in my late teens/early 20’s I loved going to the gym, some evenings I would take part in 3 back-to-back classes. But I wanted to increase my fitness further so in November 2014 I decided to start running outdoors… At first I was only able to run for 5 minutes and then walk a little and repeat etc.. but in no time I was able to run 5k without stopping for a break. Then last summer I was hooked into the gym again and lost the urge to run.. so this winter I decided to step it up a notch and try and run 10k around where I live and I DID IT!! I was so happy when I could finally say to to people ‘I can run 10k’ So for me right now, doing the race for life is all about over coming my fear of entering a race and giving me the courage to eventually do the Half Marathon in October. And also give me motivation to have a beach body this summer haha!

Doing Race For Life is also for an amazing charity, which without the charity the world would be a dark place – unfortunately we all know someone who has had cancer and we want to “Beat It” as quickly as possible. So whether you have ran all your life, or if you can only run a short distance, come and join me this summer at Tatton Park.

Check out their website for all the event info http://www.raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org

And I will be keeping you updated with how my training is going through the next few months.

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