The Perfect Eyes at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt

If you’re anything like me and lead a busy life and want your beauty regime to be as quick as possible then you will know about all the treatments out there that mean you don’t have to apply mascara or you don’t need to pencil your eyebrows every day. As I’m not really into having semi-permanent make up applied to my face I feel like having a good pair of eyebrows and having eyelashes extensions or LVL lashes always makes me feel better about my appearance.

My previous experience’s have included having tape applied under my eyes to tape my lashes down and having to go through the painful process of it been pulled off afterwards, glue fumes making my eyes water when I open my eyes or glue sticking my eyelids together and painful waxing of my eyebrows….. I can assure you at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt you will experience NONE of this!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 14.13.38

Donna the owner of Cheshire Beauty Sculpt treated me to eyelash extensions and HD Brows last week. She started by applying gorgeous cooling gel pads under my eyes which felt so relaxing, then we talked about the style of lashes I was looking to achieve… whether I wanted a dramatic look or something a bit more natural. After applying all the individual lashes she then peeled away the cooling pads and I was able to open my eyes. The eyebrow waxing was painless and even quite relaxing when the wax was applied.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 16.11.14.png
My gorgeous lashes and brows.

Whilst I was chatting with Donna when having my treatments done I found out that Rebecca Walker will now be doing LVL lashes at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt once a months SATURDAY STARTING 3RD SEPTEMBER.

So if you are more of an LVL gal Rebecca is your go-to girl for these!

For all enquiries and bookings for any of these treatments please call: 0161 425 7272

And make sure you check out all the other treatments that they do.




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