Pure Maison Cleaning Service..

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Pure Maison are a high end cleaning service trusted by many of celebrities and footballers around Cheshire. From big commercial jobs working in the top restaurants to cleaning beautiful homes. When I was asked if they could come and clean my home I couldn’t wait for the white glove service that I knew I was going to get from Pure Maison.

If you have never had a cleaner before because you have been worried about letting a stranger into your home, or if you have had bad experiences with other companies and don’t know where to start with looking for a new one….. well here you are. With one of the largest team of girls in the north west who are all individually checked and assessed before joining the team we assure you that you will have no problems this time.

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On arrival we were introduced to the 2 ladies who were cleaning our home. They were booked in for 3 hours so set to work straight away. They cleaned upstairs and downstairs and even did a big pile of ironing for us. We could of literally asked them to do anything and it wouldn’t of been a problem. They even spray a delicious cranberry scented spray in all the rooms on departure which left our house smelling beautiful.

How to book your clean with Pure Maison

Head to www.puremaison.co.uk

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