Everything You Need To Know About Semi Permanent Make-up.

So everyone talks about semi-permanent make-up.. Whether you’re asking where to have them done, had a bad experience, great experiences or if you’ve had your eyebrows done and now wanting to go for lips or eyeliner?

The options are endless with semi permanent makeup, whether you want to thicken out your already full brows, or if your eyebrows have gone really thin and you would like them to look like they used to.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 18.40.43.png

So I met with Kelsey who is known as @kelseybeaut on Instagram – She visits Beauty Rules Hale once a month for a full day of semi permanent make-up along with travelling all over the north west and she is amazing at what she does and is in high demand… I took my friend Gina along to have her brows done as I hadn’t quite got enough knowledge or confidence to have mine done yet and as I have quite full brows I didn’t think it would be worth while… but as I spoke with Kelsey she gave me so much knowledge about the procedure and also how you can achieve your own desired look.

What Happens

Kelsey starts by having a chat with you about why you have decided to come along to have your semi permanent brows done, through chatting with you she starts to collect information on how you would like your eyebrows to look, what you don’t like about them and if you have anything specific that you would like doing.

She then applies numbing cream all over the eyebrows whilst you fill in a health form to make sure you are the perfect candidate for the procedure.

Once the numbing cream has been on for around 20 minutes Kelsey then marks out with a pencil onto your eyebrows, taking everything into consideration about what they are going to look like.

You can then have a look at them in the mirror and if there is anything you are unsure about or if you want them altering slightly then this would be your time to speak up. Don’t be afraid to discuss any alterations… after all its your face that is being tattoo’d and Kelsey is so lovely and makes sure that you are 100% happy.

Once you are happy with all of the markings she then starts tattooing. This doesn’t take long at all, with Gina she was only tattooing for around 30 minutes and after that you have to let them heal and keep them dry and then you come back in 6 weeks time to make sure you are happy with the darkness and fill them in slightly too ensure they look perfect.

Why you should go for semi permanent make-up

Along with eyebrows you can also have your lips tattoo’d and also eyeliner. Kelsey herself has it all done and it looks so natural and not at all like you have tattoo’s on your face. Her lips are a beautiful pale pink colour that look very natural and her eyeliner just looks like eyeliner. It makes getting up in the morning so much easier when it’s all already done for you.

People talk about ‘Microblading’ and how it looks more natural than semi permanent make-up but after finding out all the information on both procedures I have realised that to be a Microblader you don’t need to have many qualifications and you can literally just do a Microblading course, where as if you find a really good semi permanent make-up gal not only have they got years of studying under their belt but they can also create any look that you desire and you will feel in much safer hands.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 19.16.36
Gina’s old semi permanent eyebrows before photo


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 19.16.50
After her first visit to @KelseyBeaut

As you can see from the photos above her eyebrows look so much more defined and Kelsey assured her that after a couple of weeks, after the scabs have gone and they are all healing they will look a lot softer and a little bit lighter.

Let me know if you have an questions about semi permanent make-up and I will ask Kelsey and let you know her answers.



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