Mama Mio Skincare

I really feel like my skin has been through a tough time lately, yo-yoing after being pregnant twice in 1 year. So far I’ve been very lucky and haven’t got any stretch marks on my tummy… I have just had a couple on the very tops on my legs which I got at the very beginning of this pregnancy. I struggled with very sore hips early on during this pregnancy so I think those little stretch marks were from my hips widening again.

Ever since around week 10 I have been using creams and oils to make sure my skin is as subtle as possible and to prevent any more marks appearing… Early on in pregnancy I struggled with morning sickness so a lot of creams would have a scent and would make me feel queasy, this meant the only thing I could really use was Bio Oil due to it being scent free and as you all probably know it’s a great product for prevent and helping with the appearance of stretch marks.

I was just getting to the bottom of my second bottle when Mama Mio contacted me and asked if they could send me a parcel of their products to review and it couldn’t of arrived at a better time! I have now being using these products for a couple of weeks and not only do they smell delicious (ginger & lime scented to help ease morning sickness) but my skin is feeling the softest it has ever felt! I literally slather on The Tummy Rub Butter all over my belly and hips morning and night and use the Pregnancy Boob Tube all over my boobs morning and night too!

I also spritz the Liquid Yoga all over my pillow and bed sheets each night to help me fall asleep super fast and I get Ainslee to massage my feet and ankles with the cooling Lucky Legs gel after I’ve been on my feet all day!

During pregnancy there are so many treatments you can’t have done at the beauty salon so because all these products are super safe to use whilst pregnant you can pamper yourself at home every day instead…. because surely when we’re creating a human we need all the pampering we can get right?!

I 100% think that these Mama Mio products are the best on the market for during pregnancy.. they are a little more expensive than other creams but they are definitely worth every penny! You can purchase these in John Lewis or online at they have all sorts of packages and bundles or you can just buy the products individually. Let me know what you think of these products!

Lots of love x

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