Pregnancy update at 26 weeks 5 days

Even though I feel like I have been pregnant for a life time now.. when I look back it only seems like yesterday that I hit the half way mark at 20 weeks. I now feel like my body is filling up with fluid and everyday I just feel bigger ad bigger even though I don’t feel like this is physically possible!!

Lets start with the bad stuff… so now that I am past the point where we lost Sebastian I’m finding it hard to set myself milestones… before it would be 12 weeks, 15 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks and then finally when we lost Sebastian so now I just think every week that goes by is a week further than last time…. I still can’t quite image myself getting to the end and keep thinking to myself that something is going to go wrong. But on a positive note I feel completely different to how I felt last time and definitely think that my body is doing what it should this time… so fingers crossed I guess.

We are still having scans at the rainbow clinic at St Mary’s in Manchester every 2 weeks which really helps with my mental health. I always look forward to seeing our little baby on the screen because there’s still a small part of my mind that believes this is all we will get to know/ see of him and I make sure I take every moment in of seeing him on that screen. At each scan so far we have been told that he looks really healthy and we are due to have him a week before my due date by c-section which is the safest way to bring him into the world after Sebastian had a severe brain haemorrhage and we want to avoid that from happening again at all costs… even though I would love to give birth to him naturally! (We are still having tests to find out how we lost Sebastian)

I have only gained 9lbs so far throughout this pregnancy but that still means I’m 3 stone heavier than I was before I got pregnant with Sebastian so i’m feeling pretty big and out of shape right now and can’t wait to start exercise again… Anyway that’s enough of me moaning! I’m so excited to meet this little one and can’t wait to have my arms finally filled with a little baby, its been such a long time coming and myself and Ainslee can’t wait to be a Mummy and Daddy.

We have only just started getting a few bits for this baby because we still have everything from last time so there’s not that much we need now, I’ve picked a theme for our nursery and can’t wait to get started with that in the next few weeks.

I will show you all what it looks like when its all finished! Anyway for now let me know if you want to know anything and also if you have any advice for getting through the third trimester… because I’ve heard its the toughest!

Thanks for reading

Lots of love

Maria x

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