My Birth Story

Well lets just start by saying I never even thought I’d be writing this post.. throughout my whole pregnancy I couldn’t image actually having a successful birth after last time… Gabriel was booked in for a c section at 39 weeks (on the 17th November) right between mine and Ainslee’s birthdays. We thought that would be perfect so that we could all celebrate together each year. We were having to have a c section because Sebastian had brain damage so we were ruling out anything like that happening to Gabriel, but as he was breech we ended up having to have a c section anyway.

But at 36 weeks Gabriel had a different plan…

It was 9am in the morning on the 30th October and I had just been FaceTiming my mum and dad (as they were in Australia and not back until 12th November) telling them how relaxed I felt and that I had had such a good sleep and ‘knew’ he wasn’t going to come early as I had felt so relaxed. The previous night I had a really relaxing bath and the last time I had a bath was the night before Sebastian arrived…. I had been scared to have a bath up until now and to this day I still believe that this is what brought both of my labours on.

After FaceTiming my family I got up and started doing some chores, I went into the spare bedroom and started putting the laundry into piles and as I was doing this I heard Ainslee come home after his morning of clients.. by this point it was around 10:30am. I went into my bedroom to grab my laptop because I wanted to show Ainslee something and as I walked back onto the landing my waters broke.. It was like an uncontrollable wee, I knew exactly what it was and let out a huge scream!!! Ainslee shouted at me and said ‘WHAT?’ He thought I had seen a spider and was being over dramatic or something haha! So I told him my waters had broken…. so I went into the bathroom whilst Ainslee called the hospital and explained what had happened, they said to come straight in so I quickly had a shower whilst Ainslee stumbled around packing me a bag (I still hadn’t got everything ready) Whilst I was in the shower my contractions started to come on quite strong from nowhere, around every 10 minutes and I started getting anxious and told Ainslee we needed to rush to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital it was around 12pm by this point we were told to wait in the waiting room. Everyone in the waiting room seemed really calm.. I WAS NOT! I would cry when each contraction arrived, I couldn’t get comfortable and kept having to get up and sit down again. I felt awful! I ended up shouting at Ainslee and saying ‘GET SOMEONE TO SEE ME NOW!’ I never shout at Ainslee so my hormones by this point must have been telling me that he was coming. We were finally seen at 1:30pm and I was given some paracetamol.. I told the lady I needed to push and she didn’t believe me but said she would get someone to come and examine me…

The lady did the examination and said the words ‘oh my gosh she’s 9 1/2 cm’s dilated!’ after that moment everything went very quickly… they got me ready for theatre and I went down to have an emergency c section. I think if he wasn’t breech by this point I would have said I wanted to push him out.

By 3pm exactly my little rainbow baby was born at a healthy 6lb 13oz…

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