Being a Mum and a Girl Boss

Okay so I know I’ve only been a mum for almost 5 months.. but I guess these are probably the toughest 5 months when it comes to being a new mum and also running your own business!

When I was in labour with Gabriel on the way to the hospital I was doing work for my clients in the car, because he was early I was panicking and thought I might not get chance to do all of this once baby is here. Well I was so wrong, whilst in hospital and as soon as I got home I was back on my laptop making sure everything was ticking over whilst I was just getting used to motherhood.

I guess for me in the early days it was just making sure I was maintaining everything and also figuring out how I would adjust my work patterns to fit in with baby… this meant making sure my laptop and phone were always on hand for when I was feeding Gabriel… because let’s face it I worked out at the very beginning I was breastfeeding for 50 hours a week, which is a full time job for most so it was all about being time efficient.

How to expand your business with a baby:

For me I want my business to grow organically and I haven’t forced anything… and to be honest I think that is key, in regards to blogging I have been asked by so many girls ‘How can I make my blog successful?’ And I know I’m no Lydia Elise Millen but I believe that I have created an amazing platform for like minded girls and you are all incredible, but it has literally only happened because I am passionate about what I do and I a consistent. Passion and Consistency are all you need in my opinion, without those it just wont come naturally.

So currently I have adjusted my brand Cheshire Gossip Girl just like my life has adjusted, so now you’ll see lots more baby things along with lifestyle, beauty and fashion and I have been taking Gabriel to meeting with me as I have a few exciting new plans in the pipe line which I am excited to tell you all about but again it’s things that I am passionate about. I only do projects that I love and I believe doing what you love is the key to success!!

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