My Postpartum Workout Regime

Working out when you have a newborn is completely different to what a workout was like pre pregnancy, I used to spend hours in a gym each evening and would enjoy back-to-back classes and hours doing cardio on a treadmill or stair master… but whilst I was pregnant I ended up not going to the gym as my pelvis was so uncomfortable that I even struggled to walk, so the gym was a no go!

After giving birth to my still born Sebastian and then getting pregnant right away with Gabriel, post pregnancy I was now looking at a 15 stone me instead of a 10 stone me… I couldn’t believe I was now 15 stone…. as the weeks went by with my gorgeous newborn and with breastfeeding and once the fluid had gone I soon came down to 13 1/12 stone, by then I was 6 weeks postpartum and was starting to feel like I wanted to be more active after my c section… so I started by walking for half an hour each day with Gabriel in the pram and after a few weeks I built this up to an hour and now I currently go for a brisk walk every morning with Gabriel for an hour and a half.

Working out with a clingy baby is super hard work but I have now managed to get into a bit of a routine… because sometimes going for a run then needing a shower when I get home doesn’t always work out when Gabriel is crying for me so much when he’s left with his Daddy.

So my walking I use as my cardio when I’m not able to go for a run… then I use Ainslee’s 10kg kettle bell to do:

25 weighted squats X 5

25 weighted lunges X 5

25 Kettlebell swings X 5

Doing these basic exercises every night when Gabriel is either in bed or relaxing with his Daddy has really helped tone up my legs and core area…

Then for my separated abdominals I get down one a mat and lie on my back:

⁃ Knees bent and suck my stomach in and hold it for 25 seconds then release X 5

⁃ Then I go from knees bent positions up into the ‘bridge’ very slowly, one vertebrae at a time 5 times X 5

⁃ Then I lie flat again and lift my legs up and down together 25 times X 5

⁃ And then finally I hold the plank 30 seconds and side plank for 30 seconds on each side then rest and have a big drink of water.

If you are going to do these exercises please only do them once you are fully recovered and work up to this slowly and then you can always add more weight as you get stronger… also please avoid doing crunches if you suffer from separated abdominals as this will only make it worse and if you are wanting to slim down make sure you’re doing high reps with lighter weights rather than heavy weights doing low reps.

Now that I am 20 weeks in I am now 11stone 12 so still have almost 2 stone to loose… but I may never get to what I was pre baby and that’s fine! As long as I feel good I’m happy with that!

Hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the workout 💋

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