Victors Restaurants in Hale

So we were invited to try out the NEW menu at Victors in Hale Village and we couldn’t wait… if you have seen their Instagram page lately you can see they have made a lot of changes and the launch of an exciting new restaurant in Oxford is about to make way!!! So if you’re one of my southern followers and live near Oxford make sure you pay them a visit, so that you aren’t missing out.

Not only is their restaurant so instagramable with its because interiors, flowered ceilings and stunning lighting but it’s the perfect place to hang out for any occasion… fancy a light bite? Grab some sushi and a stunning cocktail. Fancy a date night or night out with the family? They’ve got it covered with their wide choices of pizzas, pastas, sharing dishes and even small dishes so you can do a tapas style dinner and not to mention their beautiful desserts.

We tried a selection of each part of the menu… it was safe to say we did order a little too much but that wasn’t a problem for Ainslee with the appetite of an elephant haha.. we wanted to try lots of things so we could give an honest review, I think our favourite dishes were the mini burgers and lobster rolls, so make sure you order those when you go, unfortunately the sushi wasn’t available when we went as it’s made fresh and wasn’t ready yet but as we’ve been before we can tell you that the sushi is outstanding if you haven’t already tried it!

For dessert we had the cheesecake and selection of ice creams and they were both delicious… a little tip would be to order a few things from the menu at a time so that you don’t order too much.. because even though a lot of the dishes are small they are really filling… even though I’m sure you’d still manage to eat it all because it’s sooo good haha!!

We can’t wait to go back to try even more of their dishes… leave a comment below if you have been and love a certain dish… or comment on Instagram or Twitter x

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