6 Month Baby Update

Oh my gosh…. can you believe Gabriel has been here for half a year already!!!??? I was actually a bit emotional yesterday because time is just going too quickly and I just want time to stop so that I can enjoy my baby at this age for a little longer, it’s safe to say I am loving motherhood more than I ever thought was possible, so I thought I’d update you all on what we are going through at the minute and how everything is going..


We are still exclusively breastfeeding which I love but it does mean we haven’t had a break from each other in the last 6 months… I have expressed only a couple of times so know he will take a bottle if I plan ahead… Ainslee’s been asking if we could go on a date night (or just a date in the day time) soon and have my mum and dad look after him for a few hours if I pump a couple of bottles… I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to be without Gabriel yet… when did you guys go on your first date post baby?


So sleeping we are just going with what Gabriel wants… some nights he sleeps in his Next2Me all night and some nights he ends up sleeping in our bed waking every couple of hours, I truly believe that in time he will want his own space and will sleep through on his own. When breastfeeding it is much more demanding because they want you for comfort in the night rather than a dummy.. and they also wake for food because they aren’t getting knocked out by a big bottle of milk like a formula fed baby. I’m happy to go by Gabriel’s lead with our night routine (I’m lucky I get to work from home) but I just think people should do what works for them and don’t feel pressured that you aren’t doing what all your friends are doing. I’ll be putting him in his own room once he starts sleeping through for longer periods.. hopefully once he starts eating more now we are weaning.


Weaning is going really well, I started giving him bits of blended veggies when he hit 5 months old and since last week I started to give him some porridge in the mornings as well to fill him up a little more, when we have our evening meal I will also give him some finger food that he just chews on to get some flavours (chopped veggies) and it also keeps him quiet whilst we have our tea. He loves food and seems to have enjoyed everything we’ve given him so far… everything I give him is natural and homemade or I have some of the Piccolo pouches that you can buy in Waitrose if we are out and about.


So Gabriel now goes swimming every week, we do lots of playing and baby sensory at home, lots of long walks in the pram and we meet up with other babies a few times a week so that he gets lots of interaction with other children which is great for speech and confidence. He loves being around other babies (generally I find him chatting away to his baby friends!! So cute!) We tried a few classes out and I just found the mums were too ‘old’… it sounds awful but I want us both to gain something from the classes and I find we have lots of sensory type things to do at home and we love singing and dancing to music (I think I prefer it more haha) and I’d rather meet up with my friends that I have something in common with.

What we are looking forward to over the next few months:

We can’t wait for summer so that we can do lots of outdoor playing and water play which I know he will LOVE! It’s my brothers wedding in July so we will have lots going on over the next few months and will be going on a few trips down to London which I am so excited for!

Please let me know if you’d like to know anything else and let me know how you and your baby are getting on if you’re at a similar again!

Lots of love,

Maria & Gabriel

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