What I eat in a week

Okay so I have had so many requests for this blog post… I’m not sure why?.. I’m not in great shape or anything post baby.. but I am trying my best to loose the 5 stone I gained through my 2 pregnancies by exercising daily and eating the best I can whilst also fuelling my body with the right things for breastfeeding and also enjoying life… because everyone deserves a treat every once in a while!

I have to say for the first few months post pregnancy I wasn’t eating very well at all, I would skip breakfast because I was busy with the baby and then I’d want sugar by lunch time (chocolate) but then I would always have a healthy filling tea such as rice, veggies and protein etc. I know this was probably the worst way to eat but because I wasn’t eating much I was still loosing weight!

Now that summer is approaching and I have my brothers wedding and holiday to look forward to I have had to change my eating habits and start loosing the weight and exercising more so that I feel confident in a bikini.

This is where Protein World Slender Blend comes in… when I was in AMAZING shape pre baby I used to have 2 shakes a day and eat a healthy lunch, so this is what I am currently doing for the next month. I can’t do the same amount of exercise that I used to but I can eat better, so no more naughty lunch time chocolate fixes for me, I now have a treat every Friday so I can look forward to it and the rest of the week I eat the best I can.

Whilst being away though I have enjoyed myself buy just chosen the healthier options and only had 1 treat the entire trip.. so it’s all in moderation and I’d say it’s all about control. I still have a way to go but loosing weight slowly is definitely more maintainable once you’ve lost the weight rather than going on a crash diet.

Message me if you have any questions as I will be asking my boyfriend Ainslee (who is a qualified nutritionist) to answer all your questions. Also the Slender Blend is safe to use whilst breastfeeding but listen to your body.. if you don’t get enough cals in your diet your milk supply can decrease.

Lots of love guys 💋

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