Traveling with a baby

So it’s summer time and I’m sure a lot of you are going on day trips, weekends away and longer trips abroad.. so I thought I’d give you a little insight into my experience with travelling with a baby and if you’re travelling alone you have nothing to fear!!

I’m going abroad to Portugal in July with Ainslee and Gabriel and also away on my own, down south in a few weeks for my brothers wedding (Ainslee can’t make it due to the Ironman European Championships) but after a trip to London and having to worry about the underground and the long (ish) train ride I have learnt to travel as lightly as possible! Let’s face it who wants to be carrying big heavy bags with them as well as a pram and a baby?? You can buy everything in your local shop these days.. nappies, food, formula (if not breastfeeding) so what’s the point in taking up so much unnecessary space in a bag when you can buy most of it when you get there.

Worrying about transport.. do not worry! If most people see a woman with a baby they are more than likely willing to offer a helping hand, getting off trains, getting up stairs if lifts are out of order and helping you get through doors. If you find yourself at your stop on a train and no one else is getting off just ask someone in the nearest carriage before you get to your stop to give you a hand.. you will never find yourself struggling!

If you are visiting family ask them if they can get nappies, food, wipes etc in so that you only have to take the usually changing bag and babies essentials like clothes, skincare and feeding equipment (bowls, spoons and bibs), bath times you can manage holding the baby.. they didn’t have fancy bath seats in the olden days. And if you’re staying in a hotel pop down to the local supermarket and you’ll be able to pick up most bits.. apart from if you are flying I hear it’s cheapest to pick up milk from your airport once you’ve checked in!

The biggest advice I give to you is to not stress! A lot of people over pack, take everything and more and they end up not using half of it… what’s the worst that can happen hey? Go out and travel the world with you babies Mamas!!!

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