Gabriel’s Diet

I’ve had all sorts of questions on Gabriel’s diet, what I give him, what I won’t be giving him and how it’s going etc, so I thought I’d get writing and pop it all in a blog post for you guys to have a read if you’re interested.

It’s so interesting listening to how every mum feeds their child, their view of a ‘healthy diet’ and also what they do for an easy life on the odd occasion that they give their baby a treat!

So here goes.. up until Gabriel was 5 months old his diet consisted of 100% breast milk, I have eaten a diet full of nourishing foods throughout this whole journey, ensuring that Gabriel gets all the nutrients he needs and I’ve also been enjoying the odd slice of cake and bit of chocolate along the way.. because sometimes a mama has got to get her sugar fix. I’m not a vegan, or vegetarian so I’ve been eating meats, dairy, carbs and plenty of veg to keep my energy up and also make sure I’m producing plenty of milk for my little one… (if you think your milk supply may be low make sure you’re eating enough calories and plenty of water)

After the 5 month mark (I started weening at 5 months because I felt he was ready) I have introduced lots of veggies and fruit into Gabriel’s diet, mashed, purred and finger foods. I believe that giving him as many textures as possible will be great to prevent a fussy eater in the further.. he mushes up things like raspberries and broccoli in his fingers then after a while will eat them (I love watching him do funny things with his food) I always spoon feed him part of his meal and then he will feed himself some finger food. Otherwise I feel like it will just all end up on the floor 😂

Going forward I want Gabriel to have all the nutritious food and only organic.. I feel like there are so many causes of cancers and other illnesses these days and we just can’t be sure how they happen so I want to prevent any nasty stuff going into his little body whilst I have ALL the control.. until he goes to a friends house and has something I have no control of anyway.

When it comes to treats when he’s older I don’t want to deprive him of all the sweet stuff but I think I’ll let him have a treat once a week so that he doesn’t get too used to having sugars.. Junk food has become so accessible these days and it seems like everywhere we look we see a child with chocolate, sweets or crisps in their hands and I just want Gabriel to have more knowledge in what he puts in his mouth and know that those types of things are only as a treat or special occasion.

I have said to Ainslee he can have cake for his 1st birthday and a little bit of chocolate at Easter but day to day whilst he’s so little he doesn’t need anything with added sugars or salts in.. and that even goes for cereals (even Weetabix has added sugar) or some of these veggie puffs that come with added salt, you just have to read everything on the back of the packet before buying.

Thanks for reading lovelies, let me know if you have any questions on anything more specific xx

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