Nanny VS Mother

Most of you won’t know this but I was actually an Ofsted registered nanny before I became ‘Cheshire Gossip Girl’ full time, this meant that I studied childcare and early years child development to be able to be a trusted Nanny with various families… I have worked with children from 6 months to 7 years old and this certainly made me feel much more confident about becoming a Mother because I felt like I had so much experience with children and knew how to deal with most situations.

Well I’ll tell you what, looking after someone else’s children compared to looking after your own is completely different. I had no idea how different it would be until I had Gabriel, I mean it meant I had a lot of knowledge about children and knew all about how to stimulate them, get them down for naps and night time, make them learn things in all sorts of different ways (every family does things differently) and I was very lucky to work with some exceptionally bright children with very academic parents so I was able to learn from them all the amazing things that children can do to learn out of nursery and school which I found fascinating.

But when it comes to day to day life I have so many other things I need to do other than ‘baby’ such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, running errands and work so this means all my attention can’t be on Gabriel 100% of the time unlike it was when I was a nanny (because I was there to just be a nanny) – I am so lucky that I get to spend every day with Gabriel at home so I make a conscious effort every day to spend a couple of hours with him doing different activities such as:

Water play (outside or in the bath)

Learning animals (reading books and then going to the farm or looking on the iPad)

Listening to music (all different kinds)

Reading lots of books

Socialising with other babies

Baby sensory type play (textures, lights, sounds etc)

Gross motors skills (walking, tummy time, standing etc)

I think finding the perfect balance is what works for us as I want to spend as much time with Gabriel as possible before he grows up too quickly so want to enjoy every moment… I also LOVE dancing and musical theatre (I was once a professional dancer too) so love dancing and singing around him… I probably enjoy that more than him though 😂

But when it comes to sleep time this is what I find the hardest, I used to look after 6 month twins until they were 16 months old and I would have to put them down for naps at the same time so that I could get a moments break and also because that was their routine and I could easily let them cry themselves to sleep but with Gabriel I just can’t stand to hear him cry even for a minute… I thought I would be a BOSS as getting him down… but my hormones got he better of me. So every night I nurse Gabriel to sleep and then put him down in his room. He usually ends up coming into bed with us around 6am each morning but that’s our routine now 👌🏼

Mum life and Nanny life is so so different but being a Nanny has taught me so many things and also so many techniques (due to working with different families) that I will keep with me for life!

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