Another baby?

Another baby? I keep being asked this question at the minute.. I feel more pressure from my family more than anything (my parents and Ainslee’s). I think our families think it would be nice for us to have babies close in age so that they can grow up together like we both did with our brothers and sisters… but I think for us because it was such a painful process to get Gabriel (our rainbow baby) that we just can’t face putting ourselves through all that stress again any time soon, also the fact that I was pretty much pregnant for 18 months I just want to be a little bit selfish for a while and enjoy having my body back and being able to feel like ME for a while longer before we even think about having another baby.. because let’s face it we all know how much weight I gain during pregnancies 😂.

I am still only 26 and feel like that is still quite a young age and if I wait even 3 more years I’ll still be in my 20’s which I think it’s still young in this day and age!

I just want to enjoy Gabriel with all my heart for the time being, I feel like he is EVERYTHING to me and I just want to make amazing memories with him and give him my undivided attention for as long as possible… there’s also loads of research done on children that have spent 1:1 time with their parents for the first few years of their lives and they benefit loads from it! I’m also terrible at being pregnant so want to be able to have Gabriel in nursery a few days a week before we have another so that I have time to rest before another bundle of joy comes along… and I’m definitely not ready to send him to nursery any time soon.

I totally understand why people get all their babies out of the way very quickly and have them close in age, especially if they are a working mum and have to get back to work ASAP but for us we just want to take our time and enjoy every minute.

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