9 Month Update

Okay so WHERE THE HELL HAVE THE LAST 9 MONTHS GONE!!?? I feel like I no longer have a baby sometimes and start to think about those newborn days and wish I could go back there.. but then in the same thought I’m sooo loving Gabriel at this age and love watching him change every day and excited to see the little boy that he is turning into.

What’s Gabriel up to:

-Gabriel can now say; Mama, Dada, Hi Dad, Yes, Papa and Nana and when I say ‘Lion’ Gabriel goes ‘rawww’ so I feel like he’s doing really really well with his talking.

-He still isn’t interested in crawling but he stands on his own now holding onto the sofa and he shuffles around on his bum.

-Eating.. Gabriel now eats EVERYTHING he has proper porridge for breakfast with mushed up fruit and almond milk, loads of different finger foods at lunch time and at tea time he will eat a proper meal with lots of breast milk in between!

In regards to my body 9 months on from birth I am feeling great and I’m certainly starting to feel like my old self again!! I am only 7lbs off from being my goal weight and feeling much more toned now that I’m making sure I exercise everyday. I truly think that you need a year to full recover from birth.. especially if you’ve had a c section.. I still get pains where my scar is if Gabriel stands on it or kicks me but I think in a few more months I’ll almost feel fully healed and back to my normal self (I hope).

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