Our First Family Holiday

So now we have a little one to take away with us holiday-ing is now a little different… it feels like Gabriel has gone back to the newborn phase now that we are away because each day consists of.. feeding the baby, taking him in the pool, letting him play in the shade and then feeding again so he can have a nap and then this repeats all day long.. it’s lovely but it also means our whole routine is thrown out of the window!

As for night times I would always rock Gabriel to sleep and then put him down but because the room isn’t what he’s used to he would just refuse to go in the travel cot that the hotel provided so we have been co-sleeping all week (it’s a good job we got a superior suit because our bed is massive) which has been so nice and we’ve had lots of cuddles but again I’m dreading that first night back at home when he has to go back in his own room 😬

Talking about clingy, I think the fact we are away in totally new surroundings, with lots of unfamiliar faces all Gabriel has wanted was to be cling to me… and I mean clung!!! He literally wraps his legs around me really tight if I try and put him down or give him to Ainslee ❤️ (it would be nice to have a little personal space now and again 😂)

Gabriel has LOVED being in the pool though whilst we’ve been away and also LOVED alllllllll the food 😂 which has been great because he’s had so much choice and now we know what he loves when we get home and he’s also had his first little taste of ice cream.. because life’s about balance hey!? 🤷🏼‍♀️.

We can’t wait to go away again and also take him to somewhere really different next time… we’re thinking LA and renting out a car so we can get about… but I 100% recommend a beach holiday for your first holiday with loads of facilities so you know what works and what doesn’t!

Now back to sunbathing for me 💋

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