‘It’s both of my babies birthdays next month!’

Oh wow.. I caught myself saying to Ainslee the other day ‘It’s both my babies birthdays next month!’ and it really made me realise that the last two years have really been life changing for us.. from starting our family by becoming pregnant with our angel baby Sebastian and giving birth to him stillborn to having the best medicine for me, my gorgeous rainbow baby Gabriel. And now it will be Sebastian’s 2nd birthday on 8th October and Gabriel’s birthday on 30th October.. some may say I got pregnant very quickly again but like I’ve said before Gabriel really was the best medicine for me! Who knows where I would be if it wasn’t for my rainbow 🌈.

Celebrating Sebastian’s Birthday

Every year we celebrate by being together on his birthday and we always set off a lantern and balloon with a little message from both of us… as the years go on we will always make sure Gabriel knows all about his brother and he can also send him messages if he wants to.

Celebrating Gabriel’s Birthday

It’s safe to say we have well and truly spoilt Gabriel already as he has bags full of presents on our room that I need to wrap and presents from family and friends already but I feel like his birthday will be a very emotional day for me.. at first I was wanting to throw him a party but then after thinking about it I think we are going to go to SeaLife centre for the day or something and just spend it with close family and just spoil him rotten ❤️ I think I’m going to be emotional for so many reasons… his brother who can’t be with us… what we went through to get to this point… my baby is growing up too quickly… I just want time to stop so we can enjoy him tiny forever!

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