Stillbirth Awareness Week

So there are so many ‘Mummy’ Instagram accounts out on the internet.. whether that be Mummy groups, Mummy Networking accounts or just general Mummy’s that you just love to follow… but what we don’t think about are who are actually following these accounts…? Most of the time its fellow Mums but there will also be so many girls following these accounts who long to have a baby and be part of these groups and networks but unfortunately they have lost their babies due to miscarriage or stillbirth…

I was once one of these girls and would read all the comments and stories of Mummy’s up at all hours but what I longed for was for my arms to be filled after loosing our baby through a stillbirth two years ago now.

I feel like this subject is so taboo and Mums who go through this horrific life changing experience need to talk more openly about what goes on and just how awful it truly is… can you imagine carrying your baby for months, to then have to give birth to your baby and walk away from the hospital with no baby??!! I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through what we went through… but the truth is that it happens every day.

I found that talking to others was the best thing to keep me going and share my thoughts with girls who have been through similar situations.. I would find when talking to others that it had actually happened to so many other girls whether that be a miscarriage or stillbirth themselves and they would be able to relate to my situation.. but how messed up is that? Why should we have to go through this in this day and age when science has come on so far? I ask myself this everyday but thankfully with the support from Tommy’s at St Mary’s hospital in Manchester they were able to give me the care I needed and made my next pregnancy as worry free as possible.

I mean I was a nervous wreck during my following pregnancy but they made me feel so reassured and did so many extra scans and checks to ensure everything was going to be okay this time round as well as ruling out any problems I could have with my body before getting pregnant again.. they were fantastic and I just wish more hospitals could do these extra checks throughout other girls pregnancies to prevent it from happening in the first place..

What are your thoughts on this debate and what do you think would be a great way to create more awareness?

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