The Reason Behind My 10 Minute Workouts

Hi guys!… so I’ve had a lot of questions about my workouts so thought I would pop it all into one place for you and answer as many questions as possible.

– So for me I have a baby this doesn’t sleep for more than 3 hour stretches at night so I find that in the day time I struggle to get motivated to get my butt off the sofa and workout.. So as well as walking everywhere to burn all the extra calories I just feel like on the days where I’m doing less exercise I just need a quick workout to get everything moving, feel the happy endorphins and feel like I’ve actually done something. I always feel so much happier when I’ve done exercise (so for me exercising every day is important).

– So for me doing these workouts for 10 days straight has definitely kept me motivated and each evening I sit with Ainslee and we talk about the next days workout which really helps me look forward to the next day and what I have planned… And it also puts into perspective that if you want to get something done you really can if you just plan ahead.

– Also this is the only way that Ainslee will help me workout 😂 He has no time for me around all his other clients and I’m always asking him to train me so normally he just tells me what I need to do and I have to remember but actually doing it and working out on my own isn’t always that fun.

– October for me is a tough month mentally (as it’s the anniversary of our angel baby) and it brings back a lot of memories so I have to keep focused and positive and I find exercise is the best way for me to keep happy so doing this everyday is just what I need!

If you are struggling to get moving post baby or if you just want to start to feel more active, 10 minutes is such a great way to keep fit! If you really work hard for those 10 minutes everyday that is all you need!!

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