My favourite baby essentials (and beyond) after one year of being a Mama.

A year has been and gone and I feel like Gabriel will be going to school next time I blink.. I’m trying to really enjoy every moment, phase and ‘leap’ as I know nothing lasts forever and even though I still call him my baby, I know he is definitely, almost a toddler now and it’s just a little bit scary!

I have been so lucky that I have been able to spend this year at home with him and have only very recently been leaving him with my mum or Ainslee for a few hours hear and there so that he can start getting used to others as we are still exclusively breastfeeding he still wants to be near ‘Mummy’s Milk’ ALL the time.

But I wanted to share with you all some of my baby essentials that have got us through this magical year and these are things that have lasted us from birth until now.. so really are great value for money and quality as I feel when you’re a first time Mama you just get what you think you need and then end up having to get different things when they either arrive or when they move onto the next stage.

So here goes:

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BABY MONITOR: Invest in a good quality baby monitor, one with a camera and sound. This will be your life line when you finally get your baby into a routine and can eventually get some alone time with your other half. Some monitors now have movement sensors attached to them and in my opinion this would only make you a paranoid Mama.. if you can see and hear them this is all you need. Ours is the Angelcare Baby Video Monitor and we picked it up from Mothercare whilst it was on offer (always look out for the offers).

CHANGING BAG: I will admit that I went a little crazy on the changing bag front whilst I was pregnant with Gabriel.. I am a bag lover and I knew this was going to be my new *side kick* so I wanted it to be gorgeous.. I ended up getting two bags, a Gucci one and a Tiba and Marl backpack and I wasted my money big time on the Gucci one.. it’s so small and impractical and when you have a baby to get in and out of the car (and now toddler) it’s just so much easier to have a backpack. My backpack is the Tiba + Marl X Selfridges Elwood Backpack with gold zips and it’s a serious game changer!!

COTBED: I have met so many Mama’s who ask me which cotbed I have.. Some say they went for a crib or smaller cot for when they transition their babies from your room into their own room and then they say that their babies are waking themselves up because they are hitting the bars from moving around at 9 months onwards and need more space. GO FOR A COT BED!! It’s normally only a little bit more expensive but SOOOO worth it as it will last them until around 4-5 years instead of having to get a new one at each stage.. also DON’T go for a sleigh bed as when they have the sides taken off (around 2-3 years) then can rock the bed and damage it (or hurt themselves) so opt for one that you can adjust the headboard.. ours is the Obaby White Cotbed

TRAVEL SYSTEM: When I think about how much I walk with Gabriel now I wish I had of known when purchasing Gabriel’s pram and done a little bit more research! You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to a travel system and if you’re planning on getting in the car more than you use your pram then I would say which ever pram you go for you will be fine… whereas if you are going to be doing some serious MILEAGE you need to go for one with BIG wheels, ours is the Urbo2 in Dark Grey from Mama’s and Papa’s (it’s no longer available as I got it when pregnant with Sebastian) but I wish I had got one like the Ocorro Explorer from Mamas and Papas as the wheels are so more sturdy and better for off road and long walks.

TOYS: Look for toys that have adaptations to them.. such as a baby swing that changes into a high chair, or we also have a baby walker that turns into a push along zebra and then turns into a scooter when he is older.. otherwise you end up spending your days buying the next stage up! (You will save a lot of money in the long term).

IPAD: This can be a little controversial I know.. but we actually bought Gabriel an iPad when he was 3 weeks old (not for him to use then obviously) but we keep it in his room to play ‘white noise’ during the night and also link it up to our BOSE speakers so he has his own Spotify with all his music on and just to keep everything in one place for him (all my devices are rammed with things for my work). This has been amazing as he now watches educational programmes on the CBBC app when we are in the car as he isn’t a very good traveller and as he gets older I’m sure he will use it more and more as we allow him to have allocated ‘screen time’

I hope this has helped you if you have a little baba or in the early stages of purchasing things for your new addition! My thought process when buying anything now is.. ‘How long will it last’ because even if it does cost a little more than the ‘right now’ option.. that little bit of extra £££ will save you a lot more £££££ in the long run!

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