2019 Goals

When it comes to goal setting and making sure you have an amazing year I feel like you need to stick to a few simple rules..

1. Plan things you have never done before but always wanted to.

2. Remember you are in control of your world when it comes to most situations (apart from health) so make sure you always think about the choices you are making and think about the potential outcomes.

3. Set yourself only a few goals and make sure they’re realistic.. small steps to success will get you to your dreams faster… think of it as climbing a staircase to the top instead of leaping to the top of a mountain.

So when it comes to my 2019 goals I always start by thinking what do I want to accomplish in the next 5 years.. whether it’s having more babies, moving to my dream home or running a marathon. Then I think about what I need to do to get myself to that place and start by planning some smaller things. So here are my goals for 2019.

1. As you have probably seen by my instastories I have just entered myself into doing Wilmslow Half Marathon, I feel like since having Gabriel and my body changing a lot (I used to be a lot leaner and fitter) I want to get back to a good fitness level again and also I find running a great way to clear my head and keep focussed. Maybe in 2020 you’ll see you doing a marathon 😅🙈

2. My second goal is to buy a bigger house (Get a bigger mortgage). At the end of 2018 we viewed a few houses in the Wilmslow area and we found our dream home.. a big project but it would be amazing if we could do it all up. So this year we are going to see a few mortgage brokers, see what we can afford and get the penny rolling with putting our current house up for sale. *Lets see where we end up*

3. Taking more time out for ‘me’.. I think this would be most Mama’s goals this year and I feel like giving myself a little bit more self love is sooo important, even if it’s just running myself a bath or booking myself a facial. I think if you feel good in yourself your happiness shines through.

4. Raising money for a couple of charities very close to home for me.. ever since we lost Sebastian I have always wanted to do something to thank the charity SANDS (who supported us when we initially lost our baby) and TOMMYS who supported us throughout our pregnancy with Gabriel. I never felt like I was in a good enough place to focus and raise money for these charities but now that I am in a stronger place (mentally) I feel like it’s time to give back… so watch this space.

5. And finally I would like to firstly thank everyone who has supported and joined my MAMA SOCIETY so far and secondly I can’t wait to see what 2019 has to hold for my new venture! I would like to have 6 locations across the UK by the end of 2019 and I believe that it’s about quality rather than lots of locations.. so you’ll find every venue is amazing and carefully chosen, amazing food, fantastic company and some awesome goody bags.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2019?

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