What a mama really wants for Mother’s Day

Ok so most of us mama’s just want to have family time, a little rest and a cup of coffee brought up to us in the morning and perhaps just to be able to get ready in peace..

But you men know that us women hold the fort together day-to-day, cook, clean, work, keep their small human/s alive whilst also looking after themselves… So I think we deserve a little more when it comes to Mothers Day *I’m going to be tagging Ainslee in this post so he gets my SUBTLE hint* Mama’s feel free to tag your other halves too!!

So let’s start with some little treats and work our way up to the big £££ *its worth a shot hey?*

LUSH pamper products, whether it’s a bath bomb, face masque, body cream or bubble bath.. The staff are also super helpful in Lush so if you just tell them your wife/girlfriend needs pampering they’ll tell you exactly what we want!!

SWEATY BETTY workout gear.. who doesn’t love working out and looking great! Their leggings are a dream and Daddy’s if you want to go all out we’ll take a sports bra and jacket/top too! 🙋🏼‍♀️

MERCIMAMAN GIFTS are next up and I’m truly obsessed with these… If Ainslee got Gabriel’s name personalised into something from their website I would be stunned! Their jewellery is beautiful and lasts a lift time.

BOSE NOISE CANCELLING EAR BUDS … blessed with a baby that doesn’t sleep?… need I say anymore?

GHD CREATIVE CURLING WAND for any Mama who wants to feel good day-to-day but doesn’t have time to have a blow dry, I’m obsessed with this wand… Ainslee I hope you’re taking note!!

DYSON HAIR DRYER or DYSON AIR WRAP does your wife/girlfriend love hair?.. then make sure you pick up one of these for her.. you’ll be getting lucky for the rest of the week! Thank me later 💁🏼‍♀️😂

And finally now that #mumlife has taken over and you rarely get to wear heels because you’re always running around after a toddler.. a pair of designer trainers wouldn’t go a miss… Golden Goose Delux Brand are my favs at the minute but Gucci, balenciaga, Valentino or Fendi would also go down a dream.

DISCLAIMER: Guys if you buy your wifey any of these gifts expect unusual behaviour from the women in your life.. Increase in libido, public displays of affection, holding hands… need I say anymore!

(This blog posts just for fun guys)

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