Life with a toddler

So Gabriel is now well and truly in the toddler phase.. what is the toddler phase you say? I’d say once they are properly walking/toddling around.. Gabriel didn’t start walking until he was between 16/17 months old but he’s loving it now and is also climbing up everything. He’s also talking so much more, making animal noises, telling me when he wants a bath and if he wants food.

I can’t believe how quickly they learn all these things and how in another few months he will be two.. it makes me definitely think about when we should try and give him another sibling, I think now he is also sleeping through the night I don’t feel like I have a baby anymore.. whereas before it was a massive NO GO because he was waking every 1-2 hours up until a few weeks ago. But at the same time I have some time to myself back again which is so so nice and I’m getting around 6/7 solid hours of sleep at night which I never imagined would be possible (if you would have asked me 3 weeks ago).

Day to day life is definitely a little more crazy as now he is developing so much and wanting to learn I feel like every day I need to be planning something for him to enjoy along with my work and all the other general life errands and jobs, it’s all fun though and I wouldn’t have it any other way, every day brings new adventures and I’m obsessed with watching him grow and develop.

I do feel like there is always that pressure when you have a baby/toddler with you at home 24/7 that you should be sending them to nursery because it seems like most mums send their kids to nursery… but the truth is children thrive by being with their mama’s and also going to a nursery, every child is different and every family is different… no way is right and as long as us stay at home mama’s are doing plenty of activities for our little ones and getting them to socialise and interact with other children we are all doing amazing jobs.. no one should be telling one mother how to do something and vise versa.

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