Haters are cute little reminders that you’re the bomb!

Well I have never experienced the world of cyber bullying until very recently and normally when you think of cyber bully’s you think of old creepy men behind a keyboard with nothing better to do other than send girls nasty message to make them feel insecure about themselves because they are sad and lonely.. but for me this was different.

These bullies were actually two girls who had a similar business to my own who were accusing me of copying their blog posts, stealing their followers and replicating their brand.. Firstly can someone tell me how I steal followers when I am blocked?.. blog posts??? Say what!!?? And if I open a sushi bar would all the other sushi bars be mad? Or if I started a blog about cars would all the other car bloggers hate me?? I think not!!

When you see a business and want to be part of it because you’re inspired and know you could make money from it and earn a living for your family and put your own stamp on it and make it even better.. because let’s face it they weren’t the ones who created the idea.

So then instead of empowering one another and focusing on their own goals and ambitions they start to attempt to bring you down.. messaging your contacts and writing public posts with lies and accusations which are untrue. Women shouldn’t ever do this to one another and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced this in my life… the world is so big, competition is good and healthy but only when we are inspiring one another.. not using each other as punching bags and trying to bring people down because let’s face it.. they’re only bringing themselves down. What do they say ‘Haters are cute little reminders that you’re the bomb! ain’t that they truth!

Empower one another girls, all of my businesses are all about collaborations and helping women succeed at whatever they’re doing, if a brand approaches me wanting to collaborate or needs my help I’m going to help them, I’m not going to say ‘Sorry I can’t work with you because you’ve worked with them’ and I’m also not going to purposely poach someone else’s clients.

Be kind girls.

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