An honest blog on a ‘stay at home working mama’s life’

So I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while and feel like now we’re in full on toddler mode life is definitely a little hectic and I feel like I’ve managed to get our routine in a good place for that stay at home / working mama balance..

So firstly I know every mum feels like their life is pretty hectic, whether you’re a working mum and have to organise everything around your working hours so that everyone’s fed and watered and in bed and happy… as well as the stay at home mum who feels the pressure to teach their children everything that all the kids at nursery are learning.. it’s crazy, I know!

So whether you’re a new mum reading this wanting an insight into what life could be like when you start working again or if you’re a mum with older kids struggling to balance life.. here’s how we make things work.. there’s no right way to this motherhood thing!..

So firstly it’s about YOU! When do you fit your time in? Because you are number one here (Ok I know baby is no1 but you need to be happy for your little human to thrive). Now we are in a good routine and Gabriel goes to bed at a good time I spend my evenings working out, taking a shower, face mask, pampering… I give myself an hour and a half each evening for me!

Baby.. I make sure that every day we plan an activity to do.. whether it’s a playgroup, soft play, messy play, library visit, class.. we normally do an activity in the morning time so that when Gabriel naps we are at home and I can quickly catch up on emails and phone calls before he wakes again and then after his nap we’ll either play in the garden or we’ll go to our local park (if it’s a nice day) or we’ll just stay at home and play, read books, puzzles etc.

When do I work? I like to give Gabriel my whole attention when we are playing or if we go anywhere in the day time.. so work time I squeeze it in first thing in the morning (Gabriel will happily play in his room in the mornings between 6-7am so I spend this time writing lists, planning posts, writing content) and then when he has his nap I will sit down and send emails and make phone calls and then once if had my ‘me time’ in the evening I then sit down and do some more work…. so I probably give myself 4-5 hours each day to work.

I think routine is key when you’re having to work from home and look after a toddler.. life certainly hasn’t been this crazy before and the newborn days are definitely so much easier now I look back.. you get so much more time to sit down and cuddle your baby whilst sat on your laptop or phone.. where as now they need so much more attention and you’re running around after them and also having to teach them so much!

How do you find the balance? I love to know!

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