Second Trimester Update

I’m now coming into the 23rd week so thought it was time I did a little ‘2nd Trimester Update’ for you all see as I’ve been asked so many questions so thought it would be a good idea to write everything down for you all each trimester and also so that I can look back on everything so I don’t forget 🙈

So seriously time is going so so quick.. I only ever thought I’d say that once the baby is here and not ever through pregnancy, I’m sure Gabriel is really making time fly and also as I’ve been so busy with work I’m sure that has helped me keep my mind busy.. so I finally stopped feeling sick around 18 weeks.. but now and again it does come back again if I’ve not eaten much for breakfast or if I have it later than usual so I have to make sure I’m eating little and often and then I’m absolutely fine.

I’ve started buying a few bits for baby as I’m so so worried that baby will come early again like the two previous babies and I won’t have everything organised which I would love to this time so that everything just slides into place and I don’t need to stress about anything else… I’ll be honest I’m starting to freak out that once Christmas and New Year is out of the way baby will be here before we know it and I won’t have much time to get prepared.

Weight gain.. I still haven’t gained anywhere near as much as I did in previous pregnancies (especially with Gabriel) but I have gained around 10lbs now which I’m happy with but I do really feel like my bump is really starting to grow now and I feel like the fluid is starting to appear in my face, arms and legs but I guess that’s just all part of making a healthy baby.

I’ve been having quite a few scans recently as baby’s head is really really low down and the sonographer has struggled to scan the brain properly so we’ve had to go back for a couple of rescans and then tomorrow we have a scan with fetal medicine so after this scan I think we have a few weeks off (maybe until after Christmas) so I’m sure that next stretch will fly by.

Maternity clothes.. I’m still wearing mostly larger sizes (lots of oversized sweaters) and I was living in my gym leggings but this week I really feel like my hips have expanded and getting leggings on has been a bit more of a struggle so I’m thinking I’m going to have to get a few pairs of maternity leggings now so that I’m comfy until the end.

Most people will think (oh she’s only just past half way) but because my babies always come early I feel like it could literally be another 12-13 weeks before baby arrives so I need to be prepared.. I also feel like my body is feeling further on in pregnancy (I really feel like the baby will come early) and as I make big babies.. Gabriel was 7lbs and arrived at 36 weeks so I’m having a serious urge to get everything organised at the moment.

Skincare, I’ve been using my Mama MIO Skincare products morning and night and haven’t got any stretch marks yet.. I really swear by their products and they also smell delicious so keep me feeling pampered. I’ll be using it until the very end so hopefully my skin will stay happy throughout.

Until the third trimester mamas ✌🏽💋

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