Fake it!

When it comes to our appearance we can’t get enough of finding out what the latest trend is or which celebrity is wearing the next biggest thing.. But when it comes to the colour of our skin we all seem to want that golden tan all year round. Some may say it makes you feel better when you have a bit of colour, younger girls don’t want to be ‘the pale one’ in their friendship groups and some just want to feel like they’ve just stepped off the plane from the Bahamas all year round. So to create awareness on ‘Safe Tanning’ and the harms of using sun beds I have collaborated with the lovely Claire Dale (Campaign Manager of Melanoma UK).

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First of all let me start by telling you, I am no angel when it comes to the sun.. As my Dad is greek I have always tanned easily and always wanted to make the most of ‘getting a good tan’ when I’m on holiday, but as the years have gone by my skin has started to change and new moles have appeared and existing moles have become larger.. and I’m sure this is because of the amount of exposure to the sun my skin has had, I’m now 24 and think to myself ‘I’d rather make changes now before its too late’. I even went to the doctors to get my skin checked and will be going back regularly as it is so important to spot any signs of changes to moles or freckles.

Since meeting with Claire I have learnt that wearing a low factor sun cream on holiday just so that I can get as tanned as possible for my tan to only last a few week is just not worth it when you see the long term effects it has on your skin. The sun causes your skin to age dramatically giving you wrinkles and age spots.. over the years these can develop into moles and even skin cancer. It’s just not worth it! This blog post is all about awareness and getting you all to spread the word to check your skin regularly and no matter how young or old you are LOOK AFTER YOUR SKIN!!!

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Whilst being invited to many salons in Cheshire to try out the latest spray tans, I am also a big fan of doing it yourself at home.. Claire was kind enough to send me the full range of ‘Make Believe’ tanning products as I haven’t used them before and from their gradual tan to their dark tanning mouse there is a tan to suit everybody. I have loved using these products, their gradual tan is amazing and their self tan lotion with bronzer has given me such an even golden tan. The key is definitely in the application.. Here are some top tips from Cosmo Magazine on how to ‘FAKE IT’.


I am off to Monte Carlos in June, so I will be following Claire’s rules for keeping safe in the sun this year.

How do you ‘FAKE IT”? Let us know by sending a tweet.

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Pampered by Lush

A year ago when Cheshire Gossip Girl was in it’s very early stages, Lush Cheshire was one of the first businesses I interacted with, we would retweet each others posts and tag each other in EVERYTHING. I watched them grow and in no time I was looking through posts where they were being visited by celebrities and hosting parties with all kinds of reality TV stars.

So when Lush Cheshire asked me if I wanted to go to there salon to be pampered for the day I was so excited to finally meet these lovely people and also to get ‘Lush’ed ❤

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 15.33.22Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 15.26.26

Lush Cheshire is hidden in the idilic village of Romily in Cheshire, situated on the main road with plenty of parking behind the salon. On arrival I was greeted by the gorgeous Francesca (Salon co-owner with best friend Sophie). The salon was so pretty and girly, lots of glitter, sparkle and beautiful smelling candles everywhere, whilst filling out a little registration form I noticed there was a big stand of freshly made cup cakes on the counter – which I had to help myself to.


Francesca was going to be pampering me and started with a gel polish manicure followed by a gel polish pedicure, I was able to lie down on a relaxing bed and have some serious ‘me time’ for once. Lots of candles and girly chat.. It was bliss. Then I went through to the spray tan room where we discussed which type of tan would be best for me and we agreed on St Tropez. Before I knew it I was all sprayed and ready to go. I left the salon feeling so relaxed, throughout the night my tan developed into a gorgeous bronzed colour… perfect for this time of year when you feel so pale and cold all the time. I looked like I had just stepped off the plane from a trip to the south of France.

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I will definitely be returning to Lush Cheshire again. They do all types of beauty treatments, from waxing to HD brows, they even do a monthly private aesthetic clinic, for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

For all details on treatments and prices visit them at  Lush Cheshire

Find them

64 Stockport Road




Umberto Giannini Bloggers Event – Harvey Nichols – Manchester

Last week was Umberto Giannini’s Special Bloggers Event and didn’t they give us a treat. Not only did we get to explore the whole salon and learn about the history and what goes on in the salon.. We also got to have our hair done, drink Champaigne, eat Macaroons and also got to leave with the most beautiful goody bag.

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Ben the Store Manager started the evening by introducing us to the whole team working at Umberto Giannini – and talking to us about what each team member specialisers in.. Creating the most talented and experienced salon in Manchester. From intricate braiding to beautiful balayage this salon is definitely A-class standard.

A-class standard means expensive right? Not necessarily.. You can have a cut and finish for as little as 36 pounds, depending of which stylist does your hair…. Why not treat yourself and have your hair done before going for a girly lunch with your friends or date night with your husband.. Umberto Giannini will be sure to leave you feeling glamorous.

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Photos By @MissPond

Umberto Giannini also has a VIP room, in there you can order your lunch from the Harvey Nichols restaurant, book flights, trains, do your online shopping and even have your make up done by one of the make up artists working on the shop floor. What ever you need they will make sure it can be done whilst your hair is being finely tuned.

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The salon also has a walk in dry bar, where you can pop in for a blow-dry or get your hair braided before a night out or a special occasion for only 20 pounds. The options are endless.

My fabulous hair braid

I will 100% be going back to Umberto Giannini in Harvey Nichols after my fabulous experience and hope you guys would like to give it a try too.

Get in contact with the salon

0161 828 8840

Twitter: @claire_UmbertoG