Lily Flo Jewellery

As you can probably all see from my photos on social media I do love jewellery and like to wear jewellery that is comfy to wear everyday and I don’t really ever take my favourite pieces off. So when LilyFlo Jewellery asked if she could send me some pieces from her Minimalism and Flora Collection I could see that her jewellery looked like it was really great quality and very simple looking…. just like my style!

If you check out @lilyflojewellery on Instagram you will see that all of their pieces are handmade to perfection which I really LOVE!

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In the workshop


The earrings that I have been sent are perfect for wearing everyday and super comfy and don’t feel like they will ever fall out (especially with a little baby on the way) The Minimalism collection is very my style, simple sterling silver pieces that look great dressed up or down and make everyone look at them because of their cool abstract shapes and designs… Then the Flora collection is very girly and pretty which is also what I love.. these earrings are in the shape of little butterflies with a beautiful pink pearl in the centre.. These are not yet available to purchase on their website, so keep your eye out for them.. but in the meantime they have so much more to choose from on their website.

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Celebrating Bee Sting Clothing

The lovely Abbie from Bee Sting Clothing has been kind enough to send me some of her products to make me feel really comfy during my pregnancy. These clothes are not maternity clothes but I’ve found that if I wear a couple of sizes bigger than my normal size things normally fit me more comfortably at the minute.

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This brands products are super comfy and such good quality, I actually want all the t-shirts in every colour!! The brand is all about body confidence, so whether you have small, medium or large boobies… we as women should embrace everything that we are given, so if you’re model slim or gorgeous and curvy Bee Stings items will fit you and you will feel great!

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“Designer Abbie Dixon, 25, is the creative mind behind the independent Manchester based fashion label Bee Sting. Inspired by her horse Makalu’s shoes, Abbie started the brand from her bedroom on the family farm, where she grew up.

The Bee Sting brand is about body positivity. Whether you carry a pair of Bee Stings or Big B’s, the Bee Sting brand is here to celebrate women and hopefully crack a smile.”

Yes, the horseshoes look like boobs…


Check them out on Instagram – @bee_sting_clothing