My Postpartum Workout Regime

Working out when you have a newborn is completely different to what a workout was like pre pregnancy, I used to spend hours in a gym each evening and would enjoy back-to-back classes and hours doing cardio on a treadmill or stair master… but whilst I was pregnant I ended up not going to the gym as my pelvis was so uncomfortable that I even struggled to walk, so the gym was a no go!

After giving birth to my still born Sebastian and then getting pregnant right away with Gabriel, post pregnancy I was now looking at a 15 stone me instead of a 10 stone me… I couldn’t believe I was now 15 stone…. as the weeks went by with my gorgeous newborn and with breastfeeding and once the fluid had gone I soon came down to 13 1/12 stone, by then I was 6 weeks postpartum and was starting to feel like I wanted to be more active after my c section… so I started by walking for half an hour each day with Gabriel in the pram and after a few weeks I built this up to an hour and now I currently go for a brisk walk every morning with Gabriel for an hour and a half.

Working out with a clingy baby is super hard work but I have now managed to get into a bit of a routine… because sometimes going for a run then needing a shower when I get home doesn’t always work out when Gabriel is crying for me so much when he’s left with his Daddy.

So my walking I use as my cardio when I’m not able to go for a run… then I use Ainslee’s 10kg kettle bell to do:

25 weighted squats X 5

25 weighted lunges X 5

25 Kettlebell swings X 5

Doing these basic exercises every night when Gabriel is either in bed or relaxing with his Daddy has really helped tone up my legs and core area…

Then for my separated abdominals I get down one a mat and lie on my back:

⁃ Knees bent and suck my stomach in and hold it for 25 seconds then release X 5

⁃ Then I go from knees bent positions up into the ‘bridge’ very slowly, one vertebrae at a time 5 times X 5

⁃ Then I lie flat again and lift my legs up and down together 25 times X 5

⁃ And then finally I hold the plank 30 seconds and side plank for 30 seconds on each side then rest and have a big drink of water.

If you are going to do these exercises please only do them once you are fully recovered and work up to this slowly and then you can always add more weight as you get stronger… also please avoid doing crunches if you suffer from separated abdominals as this will only make it worse and if you are wanting to slim down make sure you’re doing high reps with lighter weights rather than heavy weights doing low reps.

Now that I am 20 weeks in I am now 11stone 12 so still have almost 2 stone to loose… but I may never get to what I was pre baby and that’s fine! As long as I feel good I’m happy with that!

Hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the workout 💋

What happens to your body..

So pre-pregnancy I was a pretty fit and active size 8-10 and I certainly worked hard to maintain that size. I went to the gym between 5-6 times a week and would always check in with my personal trainer boyfriend to see what I needed to do to tone up certain areas etc. So basically all I’m trying to say is that I was in pretty good shape.

After only just a few weeks into my pregnancy I was suffering from really bad morning sickness so instead of running 4 times I week I was only able to walk and the thought of participating in a class at the gym just made me feel exhausted, so as you can image I lost my fitness quite dramatically as I had morning sickness up until around 15/16 weeks. Along with the lack of exercise… the only thing I found eased my sickness was CARBS and I was never a massive lover before, so I did get quite obsessed with checking the scales every morning and usually every day I would of put on a pound…

I kept telling myself that once the baby was born I will run every day and get back into a really healthy diet and get back to how I was before.. But obviously things changed and we ended up having a still born…

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 19.25.31
This ‘After’ photo was taken 6 weeks after I had a still-birth, before an event.. I was home and in bed by 10pm, I just do things now and don’t think about whether i’ll be okay in that sort of situation..I’m now realising this.


After you have a still-birth you feel numb… You feel sort of frozen and you just do what you have to do and nothing more.. Straight after the birth my stomach went down dramatically as I was told I had too much fluid around the baby.. so really even when just my waters broke my stomach went down dramatically and this was even before Sebastian had come out. So that wasn’t a massive worry for me. But when I came home I expected to weight a lot less and I think I had literally lost 2lb’s which didn’t make any sense to me.. After doing some research I found out that after a still-birth or miscarriage your metabolism plummets and I pretty much felt like even if I didn’t eat all day I would weight a pound more the next day.

I wanted to loose weight and feel better in myself again… I had this in my head a long with being so sad and also the thought that I wanted to get pregnant again and FAST so I thought whats the point in getting really fit if I’m going to get pregnant again… My brain was all over the place but I kept thinking to myself *Most women love their slightly larger bodies after having a baby because they’ve created something amazing, whereas I’ve lost my baby and I’m feeling horrible in my body* I’m now a very curvy size 12 and before I was pregnant my boobs were a size 32d and now I’m a 34F and as I haven’t done any running in what feels like forever my legs look much bigger and my stomach muscles have completely vanished.

It just doesn’t seem fair that along with loosing your baby you have to feel really insecure about the way your body now looks and then I go back to the NHS again… They give you no support or advice.. or even just someone to chat to about how to snap out of this hole.

This past few weeks I have been enjoying the sunny weather and making the most of walking outdoors, making sure I do it everyday for 1 hour and also doing a home workout tailor made by my boyfriend. Now I’m just hoping this helps me feel and look a bit better and then…. fingers crossed we will get pregnant again…


Wanting to get in shape, tone up, workout with great people and not be tied to a gym membership? MCR Spin Factory would definitely be for you! I have now been attending classes for one month and have found all the classes are run by great instructors, you get really sweaty after every class and my overall fitness has improved as I now feel more toned, stronger and my cardiovascular system is so much better.


  • All of the instructors push you to your limits in every class.
  • You can pay-as-you-go or pay monthly, the choice is yours.
  • Your first class is only 1p
  • You book all the classes on the ‘SPIN FACTORY APP’ which is really easy to use.
  • Every class is different so it never feels repetitive.
  • The atmosphere is amazing and everyone who attends are all really friendly.


  • You need to book in for the classes in advance, if you leave it till the last minute you can miss out.
  • You can never be lazy in the classes, the instructors don’t miss a trick!
  • No day-time classes, all of the classes are either first thing in the morning or late at night, which if you have kids can be a bit tricky.


The Spin Factory is in the perfect location if you live in Wilmslow, Handforth, Hale, Hale Barns or Altrincham as its just off Altrincham Road right where the runway bridge is. So it has great access from both sides.

If you are also a road bike fan, then when its cold and miserable outside the spin classes are perfect for getting your miles in throughout the colder months and if you want to take it to the next level then the WATT BIKES are what you need.

But for now if you haven’t already, make sure you download the app and head to your first class for 1p. Take your friends along and you will have a great time!

Watch this video to find out HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT

The SpinFactory in Wilmslow and Spinningfields.

Hi everyone.. I thought I would give you all an update on my classes so far at the Spin Factory. I am always up for trying something new especially when it comes to exercise, I like to mix up my exercise regime and also try out a new class each month… whether its a new class at the gym or at a different location. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try and push myself out of my comfort zone at least once a week so I thought that going to a brand new environment for me and trying classes I have never done before would be a great place to start.

I have been to the Wilmslow Prospin venue a few times now and I am growing to really love it. everyone seems so friendly and the classes are really tough but the teachers are amazing at guiding you through the class if you have never been before and also making sure that you go at your own pace.. giving you different option and trying out the different options on your bike so that its a great workout for YOU! I love the fact that its not just SPIN classes at the Spin Factory.. the yoga classes and circuit classes are also a great workout and it means you can stay and do a few classes so that you get an amazing total body workout.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.15.00.png

I was in Manchester last week visiting some of my clients and also having a few meetings, so because I knew I was going into Manchester and I knew I would be having a break between meetings I checked the app to see what classes were on that day. Luckily Hailey was running a few classes around lunch time so I was able to do a quick spin class, followed by a 30 minute power flow yoga class. It was brilliant because normally when I’m in Manchester and have a gap I would of gone shopping and spent too much money haha! You can get changed after the class in the changing rooms and this then mean’t that I didn’t have to go home after a long day and do a workout…. because I’d already done it 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.15.29.png
Feeling fab after visiting the Spin Factory MCR

Before I forget to mention to you all… when I booked my classes at Spin Factory MCR on their app (which is all on the same app as the Wilmslow app) once I had booked in for the classes it then told me that the classes were now fully booked… and I made sure that I booked 2 days before the class. So if you’re planning to go I would definitely recommend making your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

So far I am feeling much stronger since I started and also feeling much more energetic. I can’t wait to see my results after 1 months of being a Spin Factory member.

An Introduction to MCR Spin Factory.

As you all may know I am a lover of exercise and always finding new ways to keep fit. I have recently been looking for fun new classes that I can take part in to suit my busy schedule and to also ensure I get results. I have seen the ‘Spin Factory’ banners many of times on Altrincham Road (the road that links Wilmslow to Hale… by the runway bridge) but never knew where the classes were held. So when I was introduced to the team and found out that their building was just down the road from where I first saw their banners I was so excited!!

At my first spin class at The Spin Factory…. ‘Shut Up Legs’

Spin Factory have two locations for their fitness classes, one by the airport runway between Wilmslow and Hale (just off Altrincham Road) and another in Spinningfields in Manchesters town centre. So whether you work in the city or live in Cheshire you will always be able to make it to their classes.


How do I book in for the classes? 

It’s easy.. You simply download the Spin Factory app.. fill in all your details and book into your first class for just 1p…. yes thats right, it’s just 1p for your first class, so whether you want to try out one of their Spinning classes, Boot Spin or Power Flow classes the first one is always 1p! After that you can either ‘pay as you go’ or sign up for one of their packages, but all of their packages are super affordable and you can sign up for anything from 1 class to a whole year.. the choice is yours.


So far I have been to my first spin class with instructor Helen and it was such a great atmosphere, lots of friendly people and I got so sweaty! I have attended spin classes at my local gym before but this was certainly on another level to your bog standard spin class… If you are anything like me and love to watch reality TV you will know that Spinning is massive in America and all the celebs are doing it, such as the Kardashians and Beckhams. You certainly feel like you are living that LA lifestyle whilst at the Spin Factory.

I will be attending Monday nights ‘Spin 40’ at 6:15pm and ‘Power Flow’ at 7:00pm with instructor Katie at the Airport location, I would love to see you there.

I will be keeping you all posted on my Spin Factory journey, keep your eyes peeled and I hope to see you there.


Get your glow on….

If you follow me on Instagram, these last few weeks I have been loving juicing and all things health. So I thought I would let you all know what I have been doing.

First of all I contacted Elitepro (Elite personal trainer Ainslee) and told him I was feeling sluggish, not only about my body but my skin was dry and I was having a bit of a breakout at the time. So straight away he told me that doing a 5 day juice/smoothie cleanse would help me to drop a few pounds and also because of all the nutrition in his recipes, it will make my skin amazing. I was up for anything so I gave it a go.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 20.09.33.png

The diet consisted of a berry smoothie first thing in the morning followed by a green juice at lunch time and then I would have a protein smoothie at tea time. Along with this I did light exercise, such as walking, light weights and a little bit of cardio. Nothing too strenuous as Ainslee told me that I may get light headed if I exert myself too much.

It was all going really well until day 3 where all I wanted was to eat some chocolate haha.. going to the supermarket was probably a bad idea when you haven’t had any food for 3 days!!! But anyway I stocked up on my fruit and veg and told myself I only had 2 more days to go! Once the 5 days were over Ainslee told me to introduce food slowly, for example eat things like chicken salads, fish and have lots of protein rich foods along with carrying on my my juices and shakes. Also upping my exercise for example go for a couple of runs a week (I like to run my regular 10k route) and lots of weights to tone up and get strong. I have to admit I was getting quite lazy before this so it gave me a complete restart!

After the 5 days were up I lost a total of 9lbs and my skin was feeling so much better. I went for an Oxygenating Facial at YOURBEAUTYPOD to give my skin a super blitz on not only the inside but also the outside… I have had so many facials at so many beauty salons but I have to say that I have found THE BEST! Rebecca does a range of different facials in her salon from the LED light facials, Oxygenation facial and also a lighter facial if you want something nice and gentle on the skin, along with her lash treatments and nails. You have to check her out…. Anyway the Oxygenation Facial always makes my skin look super clear and seems to last for ages. Perfect for the winter!

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 19.49.16.png
Check her out on Instagram @YourBeautyPod

So here are 3 of my favourite JUICE/SMOOTHIE recipes that I loved whilst of the cleanse so you can do them at home:

Berry Smoothie (breakfast time for 1 person):

1 Small cup of Cranberry juice.

1 Banana

A hand full of frozen berries (you must have something frozen in a smoothie, otherwise it will be warm *Yuck*)

A hand full of Blueberries

1 Kiwi fruit

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

Blend to a smooth consistency 

Green Juice:

You will need a juicer for this recipe, these can be quite expensive but they are 100% worth the money.

2 Sticks of celery

A hand full of Mint leaves

Half a Lime

A hand full of Spinach

1 pear

1 apple

A hand full of Kale


Protein Smoothie:

1 small cup of Almond Milk

2 scoops of protein

1 banana

1 teaspoon honey

1 tablespoon Organic peanut butter

A hand full of frozen melon/or ice to make sure its cold.

Shop the machines:

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 19.38.08.png
Blendtec Smoothie Maker
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 19.43.49.png
Kurvings Juicer

If you try out this cleanse we would love to know how you get on… And also if you feel like you need a fitness revamp or a complete lifestyle change, we can not recommend Ainslee at Elitepro enough. Not only does he have years of experience under his belt, he is also super qualified with everything from fitness, weight loss, nutrition and so much more…. Check him out on social media

Enjoy xoxo

In training….

Okay, so last week my welcome pack arrived from Cancer Research UK for their 10k at Tatton Park in June… I then realised how soon the race is and thought to myself ‘I really need to start training’

So as of yesterday I have stepped up the training and got myself a training plan together. The training plan consists of some indoor running (sprints), outdoor running (longer distance), spin classes, Insanity and some one to one sessions with personal trainer Ainslee from Elite Pro. Hopefully all this training will tone me up just in time for summer too.

As I am very excited about this event in June, I have also teamed up with The Garden in Hale and Elite Pro personal training and created a ‘bootcamp’ style class for like minded fitness enthusiasts to come and join us on a weekly basis to build endurance and build the ultimate team to train together. If you would like more info on this, please email The Garden at:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.03.20.png

It still isn’t too late to join the Cancer Research 10k race for life event… If you have thought about entering and hesitated? Come and join me on the day! The more the merrier .. #GirlPower

I’ve signed up for the Cancer Research Race for Life!

So, I have been asked by the events team at Cancer Research if I would like to take part in the ‘Race For Life 10k’ at Tatton Park on Sunday 26th June 2016… I have thought about entering races before and always chicken’d out before I even give myself chance to sign up. So when I met up with Laura, the events Manager for the North West events she certainly made me feel at ease about the whole experience… So much so that I have also signed up for the October Half Marathon…. *what am I doing*

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 15.47.36

Ok so let’s start with a bit about my running history… I have never been a runner, when I was at school I never did cross country with all the other kids, I would get a stitch or my chest would start hurting if I ran outside. When I was in my late teens/early 20’s I loved going to the gym, some evenings I would take part in 3 back-to-back classes. But I wanted to increase my fitness further so in November 2014 I decided to start running outdoors… At first I was only able to run for 5 minutes and then walk a little and repeat etc.. but in no time I was able to run 5k without stopping for a break. Then last summer I was hooked into the gym again and lost the urge to run.. so this winter I decided to step it up a notch and try and run 10k around where I live and I DID IT!! I was so happy when I could finally say to to people ‘I can run 10k’ So for me right now, doing the race for life is all about over coming my fear of entering a race and giving me the courage to eventually do the Half Marathon in October. And also give me motivation to have a beach body this summer haha!

Doing Race For Life is also for an amazing charity, which without the charity the world would be a dark place – unfortunately we all know someone who has had cancer and we want to “Beat It” as quickly as possible. So whether you have ran all your life, or if you can only run a short distance, come and join me this summer at Tatton Park.

Check out their website for all the event info

And I will be keeping you updated with how my training is going through the next few months.

Who wants to have a fit and fabulous 2016?

As you all may know I have a massive love for anything fitness… From running.. to hot yoga, you will find me 80% of the time in my fitness clothing.

Through the years I have tried many different brands of fitness clothing but when it comes to looking super stylish whilst also having amazing fitness technology, my 2 favourite brands have to be Sweaty Betty and Hoxton Haus.

Sweaty Betty’s store in Wilmslow is my go-to for most of my fitness needs, even down to my hair bobbles. 😀 They have some super cute sports bras and crop tops and they sell THE most amazing leggings – so thick (perfect for my outdoor workouts and runs) and in some beautiful prints too.

They currently have a 50% off sale – be sure to check them out http://www.sweatybetty.comScreen Shot 2015-12-28 at 23.20.01

Now my newest find is Hoxton Haus, the only place to sell this brand in Cheshire is Young Venom in Hale… I am obsessed with this brand, their range includes, cosy jumpers and hoodies for throwing on after a workout, trendy bra tops for that ‘sport luxe’ look and leggings for either the gym or lounging in. All of their range is so versatile, I can’t wait for the next season to arrive ❤

Check them out by visiting

Purchase from Young Venom Hale – social media @yvhale

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 22.11.51

My passion for exercise is definitely bigger than the gorgeous clothes I get to wear. I try to work out between 5-6 days a week for at least 1 hour.

Here is a little insight in what my workouts include:

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 19.49.48Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 19.48.36

Mondays I do a 1 hour circuit training class at my local gym, this includes lots of running, weights and cardio.. I love the atmosphere of this class, being able to workout with lots of like minded people.

Tuesdays I have a Personal Training session with Ainslee from ELITE PRO (celebrity trainer), in these sessions we normally work on my running – trying to get my speed up, doing lots of hill sprints and interval training. He specialises in track and field as he used to run with Olympic Athletes, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Wednesdays I do an Insanity class at the gym. I LOVE this class.. it releases any tension I have after a long days work. Its a tough workout but you feel great afterwards.

Friday I normally go for a 5K run… running has never been my thing, but I have found it is the best type of exercise for loosing weight. I started running 5k and taking around 5 walk breaks throughout my run but now I can run all the way round without any breaks now… anything is possible.

Saturday I do ballet… I have danced since I was 2 years old and have found I just can’t stop! Its a nice slow form of exercise compared to the rest of my workouts.. but it definitely makes my muscles work hard.

Sundays I go for a L O N G 10k run. it takes me just under 1 hour to get round.. which I am happy with for now but I’m working on my speed with Ainslee to try and get it down to 45 minutes *Challenge accepted* Followed by a Hot Yoga class at Yoga Life UK in Wilmslow.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 23.19.15

Now for 2016 I would like everyone to think of something new they would like to try, find out where you can do it and HAVE A GO!

I am going to try out pilates at RUNWAY PILATES in Altrincham in January, so I will let you all know how I get on.

I hope my blog has given you a bit of motivation to have an ACTIVE 2016!

Lots of love Cheshire Gossip Girl xoxo