Second Trimester Update

I’m now coming into the 23rd week so thought it was time I did a little ‘2nd Trimester Update’ for you all see as I’ve been asked so many questions so thought it would be a good idea to write everything down for you all each trimester and also so that I can look back on everything so I don’t forget 🙈

So seriously time is going so so quick.. I only ever thought I’d say that once the baby is here and not ever through pregnancy, I’m sure Gabriel is really making time fly and also as I’ve been so busy with work I’m sure that has helped me keep my mind busy.. so I finally stopped feeling sick around 18 weeks.. but now and again it does come back again if I’ve not eaten much for breakfast or if I have it later than usual so I have to make sure I’m eating little and often and then I’m absolutely fine.

I’ve started buying a few bits for baby as I’m so so worried that baby will come early again like the two previous babies and I won’t have everything organised which I would love to this time so that everything just slides into place and I don’t need to stress about anything else… I’ll be honest I’m starting to freak out that once Christmas and New Year is out of the way baby will be here before we know it and I won’t have much time to get prepared.

Weight gain.. I still haven’t gained anywhere near as much as I did in previous pregnancies (especially with Gabriel) but I have gained around 10lbs now which I’m happy with but I do really feel like my bump is really starting to grow now and I feel like the fluid is starting to appear in my face, arms and legs but I guess that’s just all part of making a healthy baby.

I’ve been having quite a few scans recently as baby’s head is really really low down and the sonographer has struggled to scan the brain properly so we’ve had to go back for a couple of rescans and then tomorrow we have a scan with fetal medicine so after this scan I think we have a few weeks off (maybe until after Christmas) so I’m sure that next stretch will fly by.

Maternity clothes.. I’m still wearing mostly larger sizes (lots of oversized sweaters) and I was living in my gym leggings but this week I really feel like my hips have expanded and getting leggings on has been a bit more of a struggle so I’m thinking I’m going to have to get a few pairs of maternity leggings now so that I’m comfy until the end.

Most people will think (oh she’s only just past half way) but because my babies always come early I feel like it could literally be another 12-13 weeks before baby arrives so I need to be prepared.. I also feel like my body is feeling further on in pregnancy (I really feel like the baby will come early) and as I make big babies.. Gabriel was 7lbs and arrived at 36 weeks so I’m having a serious urge to get everything organised at the moment.

Skincare, I’ve been using my Mama MIO Skincare products morning and night and haven’t got any stretch marks yet.. I really swear by their products and they also smell delicious so keep me feeling pampered. I’ll be using it until the very end so hopefully my skin will stay happy throughout.

Until the third trimester mamas ✌🏽💋

An honest blog on a ‘stay at home working mama’s life’

So I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while and feel like now we’re in full on toddler mode life is definitely a little hectic and I feel like I’ve managed to get our routine in a good place for that stay at home / working mama balance..

So firstly I know every mum feels like their life is pretty hectic, whether you’re a working mum and have to organise everything around your working hours so that everyone’s fed and watered and in bed and happy… as well as the stay at home mum who feels the pressure to teach their children everything that all the kids at nursery are learning.. it’s crazy, I know!

So whether you’re a new mum reading this wanting an insight into what life could be like when you start working again or if you’re a mum with older kids struggling to balance life.. here’s how we make things work.. there’s no right way to this motherhood thing!..

So firstly it’s about YOU! When do you fit your time in? Because you are number one here (Ok I know baby is no1 but you need to be happy for your little human to thrive). Now we are in a good routine and Gabriel goes to bed at a good time I spend my evenings working out, taking a shower, face mask, pampering… I give myself an hour and a half each evening for me!

Baby.. I make sure that every day we plan an activity to do.. whether it’s a playgroup, soft play, messy play, library visit, class.. we normally do an activity in the morning time so that when Gabriel naps we are at home and I can quickly catch up on emails and phone calls before he wakes again and then after his nap we’ll either play in the garden or we’ll go to our local park (if it’s a nice day) or we’ll just stay at home and play, read books, puzzles etc.

When do I work? I like to give Gabriel my whole attention when we are playing or if we go anywhere in the day time.. so work time I squeeze it in first thing in the morning (Gabriel will happily play in his room in the mornings between 6-7am so I spend this time writing lists, planning posts, writing content) and then when he has his nap I will sit down and send emails and make phone calls and then once if had my ‘me time’ in the evening I then sit down and do some more work…. so I probably give myself 4-5 hours each day to work.

I think routine is key when you’re having to work from home and look after a toddler.. life certainly hasn’t been this crazy before and the newborn days are definitely so much easier now I look back.. you get so much more time to sit down and cuddle your baby whilst sat on your laptop or phone.. where as now they need so much more attention and you’re running around after them and also having to teach them so much!

How do you find the balance? I love to know!

How I’m always ‘High on life!’

As human beings we’re all programmed naturally to talk about what’s going on in our lives.. whether that’s moaning about our partners, talk about family illnesses, money troubles, childcare worries etc and sometimes everything can get a little negative!!

If we talk about all the good things going on in our lives we seem to be ‘bragging’ or ‘boasting’ so we avoid certain conversations just to stay on the safe side…

Well I want to break this cycle.. we should talk about all the great things going on in our lives because that’s what makes us happy and that’s what reminds us that our lives are pretty darn good after all. I’ve been through some pretty terrible times in my life and I’ve also experience the highest of moments, like buying our first home, finding my soul mate, having my rainbow baby come into this world and having two successful self made businesses! So when you have so many exciting things in the pipe line it’s super exciting and we should be so so proud of what we achieve and not feel like we have to burry our heads in the sand!

What do you love about your life?

I love that I can do what I want every day.. my job is super flexible, I can plan fun things to do with Gabriel all day or I can knuckle down and get more events and clients planned. I love my little family and know I have found someone special to have my babies with, I am proud of our home that we have built but I’m also excited to buy a bigger house soon and build what we have, watch our businesses grow and perhaps some more businesses will be appearing very soon… (but that’s top secret)

Be high on life because you only get one chance!

Haters are cute little reminders that you’re the bomb!

Well I have never experienced the world of cyber bullying until very recently and normally when you think of cyber bully’s you think of old creepy men behind a keyboard with nothing better to do other than send girls nasty message to make them feel insecure about themselves because they are sad and lonely.. but for me this was different.

These bullies were actually two girls who had a similar business to my own who were accusing me of copying their blog posts, stealing their followers and replicating their brand.. Firstly can someone tell me how I steal followers when I am blocked?.. blog posts??? Say what!!?? And if I open a sushi bar would all the other sushi bars be mad? Or if I started a blog about cars would all the other car bloggers hate me?? I think not!!

When you see a business and want to be part of it because you’re inspired and know you could make money from it and earn a living for your family and put your own stamp on it and make it even better.. because let’s face it they weren’t the ones who created the idea.

So then instead of empowering one another and focusing on their own goals and ambitions they start to attempt to bring you down.. messaging your contacts and writing public posts with lies and accusations which are untrue. Women shouldn’t ever do this to one another and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced this in my life… the world is so big, competition is good and healthy but only when we are inspiring one another.. not using each other as punching bags and trying to bring people down because let’s face it.. they’re only bringing themselves down. What do they say ‘Haters are cute little reminders that you’re the bomb! ain’t that they truth!

Empower one another girls, all of my businesses are all about collaborations and helping women succeed at whatever they’re doing, if a brand approaches me wanting to collaborate or needs my help I’m going to help them, I’m not going to say ‘Sorry I can’t work with you because you’ve worked with them’ and I’m also not going to purposely poach someone else’s clients.

Be kind girls.

Life with a toddler

So Gabriel is now well and truly in the toddler phase.. what is the toddler phase you say? I’d say once they are properly walking/toddling around.. Gabriel didn’t start walking until he was between 16/17 months old but he’s loving it now and is also climbing up everything. He’s also talking so much more, making animal noises, telling me when he wants a bath and if he wants food.

I can’t believe how quickly they learn all these things and how in another few months he will be two.. it makes me definitely think about when we should try and give him another sibling, I think now he is also sleeping through the night I don’t feel like I have a baby anymore.. whereas before it was a massive NO GO because he was waking every 1-2 hours up until a few weeks ago. But at the same time I have some time to myself back again which is so so nice and I’m getting around 6/7 solid hours of sleep at night which I never imagined would be possible (if you would have asked me 3 weeks ago).

Day to day life is definitely a little more crazy as now he is developing so much and wanting to learn I feel like every day I need to be planning something for him to enjoy along with my work and all the other general life errands and jobs, it’s all fun though and I wouldn’t have it any other way, every day brings new adventures and I’m obsessed with watching him grow and develop.

I do feel like there is always that pressure when you have a baby/toddler with you at home 24/7 that you should be sending them to nursery because it seems like most mums send their kids to nursery… but the truth is children thrive by being with their mama’s and also going to a nursery, every child is different and every family is different… no way is right and as long as us stay at home mama’s are doing plenty of activities for our little ones and getting them to socialise and interact with other children we are all doing amazing jobs.. no one should be telling one mother how to do something and vise versa.

What a mama really wants for Mother’s Day

Ok so most of us mama’s just want to have family time, a little rest and a cup of coffee brought up to us in the morning and perhaps just to be able to get ready in peace..

But you men know that us women hold the fort together day-to-day, cook, clean, work, keep their small human/s alive whilst also looking after themselves… So I think we deserve a little more when it comes to Mothers Day *I’m going to be tagging Ainslee in this post so he gets my SUBTLE hint* Mama’s feel free to tag your other halves too!!

So let’s start with some little treats and work our way up to the big £££ *its worth a shot hey?*

LUSH pamper products, whether it’s a bath bomb, face masque, body cream or bubble bath.. The staff are also super helpful in Lush so if you just tell them your wife/girlfriend needs pampering they’ll tell you exactly what we want!!

SWEATY BETTY workout gear.. who doesn’t love working out and looking great! Their leggings are a dream and Daddy’s if you want to go all out we’ll take a sports bra and jacket/top too! 🙋🏼‍♀️

MERCIMAMAN GIFTS are next up and I’m truly obsessed with these… If Ainslee got Gabriel’s name personalised into something from their website I would be stunned! Their jewellery is beautiful and lasts a lift time.

BOSE NOISE CANCELLING EAR BUDS … blessed with a baby that doesn’t sleep?… need I say anymore?

GHD CREATIVE CURLING WAND for any Mama who wants to feel good day-to-day but doesn’t have time to have a blow dry, I’m obsessed with this wand… Ainslee I hope you’re taking note!!

DYSON HAIR DRYER or DYSON AIR WRAP does your wife/girlfriend love hair?.. then make sure you pick up one of these for her.. you’ll be getting lucky for the rest of the week! Thank me later 💁🏼‍♀️😂

And finally now that #mumlife has taken over and you rarely get to wear heels because you’re always running around after a toddler.. a pair of designer trainers wouldn’t go a miss… Golden Goose Delux Brand are my favs at the minute but Gucci, balenciaga, Valentino or Fendi would also go down a dream.

DISCLAIMER: Guys if you buy your wifey any of these gifts expect unusual behaviour from the women in your life.. Increase in libido, public displays of affection, holding hands… need I say anymore!

(This blog posts just for fun guys)

My favourite baby essentials (and beyond) after one year of being a Mama.

A year has been and gone and I feel like Gabriel will be going to school next time I blink.. I’m trying to really enjoy every moment, phase and ‘leap’ as I know nothing lasts forever and even though I still call him my baby, I know he is definitely, almost a toddler now and it’s just a little bit scary!

I have been so lucky that I have been able to spend this year at home with him and have only very recently been leaving him with my mum or Ainslee for a few hours hear and there so that he can start getting used to others as we are still exclusively breastfeeding he still wants to be near ‘Mummy’s Milk’ ALL the time.

But I wanted to share with you all some of my baby essentials that have got us through this magical year and these are things that have lasted us from birth until now.. so really are great value for money and quality as I feel when you’re a first time Mama you just get what you think you need and then end up having to get different things when they either arrive or when they move onto the next stage.

So here goes:

(Click all products for product links)

BABY MONITOR: Invest in a good quality baby monitor, one with a camera and sound. This will be your life line when you finally get your baby into a routine and can eventually get some alone time with your other half. Some monitors now have movement sensors attached to them and in my opinion this would only make you a paranoid Mama.. if you can see and hear them this is all you need. Ours is the Angelcare Baby Video Monitor and we picked it up from Mothercare whilst it was on offer (always look out for the offers).

CHANGING BAG: I will admit that I went a little crazy on the changing bag front whilst I was pregnant with Gabriel.. I am a bag lover and I knew this was going to be my new *side kick* so I wanted it to be gorgeous.. I ended up getting two bags, a Gucci one and a Tiba and Marl backpack and I wasted my money big time on the Gucci one.. it’s so small and impractical and when you have a baby to get in and out of the car (and now toddler) it’s just so much easier to have a backpack. My backpack is the Tiba + Marl X Selfridges Elwood Backpack with gold zips and it’s a serious game changer!!

COTBED: I have met so many Mama’s who ask me which cotbed I have.. Some say they went for a crib or smaller cot for when they transition their babies from your room into their own room and then they say that their babies are waking themselves up because they are hitting the bars from moving around at 9 months onwards and need more space. GO FOR A COT BED!! It’s normally only a little bit more expensive but SOOOO worth it as it will last them until around 4-5 years instead of having to get a new one at each stage.. also DON’T go for a sleigh bed as when they have the sides taken off (around 2-3 years) then can rock the bed and damage it (or hurt themselves) so opt for one that you can adjust the headboard.. ours is the Obaby White Cotbed

TRAVEL SYSTEM: When I think about how much I walk with Gabriel now I wish I had of known when purchasing Gabriel’s pram and done a little bit more research! You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to a travel system and if you’re planning on getting in the car more than you use your pram then I would say which ever pram you go for you will be fine… whereas if you are going to be doing some serious MILEAGE you need to go for one with BIG wheels, ours is the Urbo2 in Dark Grey from Mama’s and Papa’s (it’s no longer available as I got it when pregnant with Sebastian) but I wish I had got one like the Ocorro Explorer from Mamas and Papas as the wheels are so more sturdy and better for off road and long walks.

TOYS: Look for toys that have adaptations to them.. such as a baby swing that changes into a high chair, or we also have a baby walker that turns into a push along zebra and then turns into a scooter when he is older.. otherwise you end up spending your days buying the next stage up! (You will save a lot of money in the long term).

IPAD: This can be a little controversial I know.. but we actually bought Gabriel an iPad when he was 3 weeks old (not for him to use then obviously) but we keep it in his room to play ‘white noise’ during the night and also link it up to our BOSE speakers so he has his own Spotify with all his music on and just to keep everything in one place for him (all my devices are rammed with things for my work). This has been amazing as he now watches educational programmes on the CBBC app when we are in the car as he isn’t a very good traveller and as he gets older I’m sure he will use it more and more as we allow him to have allocated ‘screen time’

I hope this has helped you if you have a little baba or in the early stages of purchasing things for your new addition! My thought process when buying anything now is.. ‘How long will it last’ because even if it does cost a little more than the ‘right now’ option.. that little bit of extra £££ will save you a lot more £££££ in the long run!

The Reason Behind My 10 Minute Workouts

Hi guys!… so I’ve had a lot of questions about my workouts so thought I would pop it all into one place for you and answer as many questions as possible.

– So for me I have a baby this doesn’t sleep for more than 3 hour stretches at night so I find that in the day time I struggle to get motivated to get my butt off the sofa and workout.. So as well as walking everywhere to burn all the extra calories I just feel like on the days where I’m doing less exercise I just need a quick workout to get everything moving, feel the happy endorphins and feel like I’ve actually done something. I always feel so much happier when I’ve done exercise (so for me exercising every day is important).

– So for me doing these workouts for 10 days straight has definitely kept me motivated and each evening I sit with Ainslee and we talk about the next days workout which really helps me look forward to the next day and what I have planned… And it also puts into perspective that if you want to get something done you really can if you just plan ahead.

– Also this is the only way that Ainslee will help me workout 😂 He has no time for me around all his other clients and I’m always asking him to train me so normally he just tells me what I need to do and I have to remember but actually doing it and working out on my own isn’t always that fun.

– October for me is a tough month mentally (as it’s the anniversary of our angel baby) and it brings back a lot of memories so I have to keep focused and positive and I find exercise is the best way for me to keep happy so doing this everyday is just what I need!

If you are struggling to get moving post baby or if you just want to start to feel more active, 10 minutes is such a great way to keep fit! If you really work hard for those 10 minutes everyday that is all you need!!

What I eat in a week

Okay so I have had so many requests for this blog post… I’m not sure why?.. I’m not in great shape or anything post baby.. but I am trying my best to loose the 5 stone I gained through my 2 pregnancies by exercising daily and eating the best I can whilst also fuelling my body with the right things for breastfeeding and also enjoying life… because everyone deserves a treat every once in a while!

I have to say for the first few months post pregnancy I wasn’t eating very well at all, I would skip breakfast because I was busy with the baby and then I’d want sugar by lunch time (chocolate) but then I would always have a healthy filling tea such as rice, veggies and protein etc. I know this was probably the worst way to eat but because I wasn’t eating much I was still loosing weight!

Now that summer is approaching and I have my brothers wedding and holiday to look forward to I have had to change my eating habits and start loosing the weight and exercising more so that I feel confident in a bikini.

This is where Protein World Slender Blend comes in… when I was in AMAZING shape pre baby I used to have 2 shakes a day and eat a healthy lunch, so this is what I am currently doing for the next month. I can’t do the same amount of exercise that I used to but I can eat better, so no more naughty lunch time chocolate fixes for me, I now have a treat every Friday so I can look forward to it and the rest of the week I eat the best I can.

Whilst being away though I have enjoyed myself buy just chosen the healthier options and only had 1 treat the entire trip.. so it’s all in moderation and I’d say it’s all about control. I still have a way to go but loosing weight slowly is definitely more maintainable once you’ve lost the weight rather than going on a crash diet.

Message me if you have any questions as I will be asking my boyfriend Ainslee (who is a qualified nutritionist) to answer all your questions. Also the Slender Blend is safe to use whilst breastfeeding but listen to your body.. if you don’t get enough cals in your diet your milk supply can decrease.

Lots of love guys 💋

Being a Mum and a Girl Boss

Okay so I know I’ve only been a mum for almost 5 months.. but I guess these are probably the toughest 5 months when it comes to being a new mum and also running your own business!

When I was in labour with Gabriel on the way to the hospital I was doing work for my clients in the car, because he was early I was panicking and thought I might not get chance to do all of this once baby is here. Well I was so wrong, whilst in hospital and as soon as I got home I was back on my laptop making sure everything was ticking over whilst I was just getting used to motherhood.

I guess for me in the early days it was just making sure I was maintaining everything and also figuring out how I would adjust my work patterns to fit in with baby… this meant making sure my laptop and phone were always on hand for when I was feeding Gabriel… because let’s face it I worked out at the very beginning I was breastfeeding for 50 hours a week, which is a full time job for most so it was all about being time efficient.

How to expand your business with a baby:

For me I want my business to grow organically and I haven’t forced anything… and to be honest I think that is key, in regards to blogging I have been asked by so many girls ‘How can I make my blog successful?’ And I know I’m no Lydia Elise Millen but I believe that I have created an amazing platform for like minded girls and you are all incredible, but it has literally only happened because I am passionate about what I do and I a consistent. Passion and Consistency are all you need in my opinion, without those it just wont come naturally.

So currently I have adjusted my brand Cheshire Gossip Girl just like my life has adjusted, so now you’ll see lots more baby things along with lifestyle, beauty and fashion and I have been taking Gabriel to meeting with me as I have a few exciting new plans in the pipe line which I am excited to tell you all about but again it’s things that I am passionate about. I only do projects that I love and I believe doing what you love is the key to success!!