My Breastfeeding Journey

I know breastfeeding can be a touchy/ controversial for some subject but I wanted to write my story to either help others or give people the extra confidence that it’s okay to breastfeed and not to feel embarrassed or ashamed to feed in public!

I was always brought up thinking that breastfeeding was ‘The thing to do’ when feeding your baby. I was always surrounded by mums and also my Mum who breast fed me… so when I went to the hospital to have Gabriel I was all set for this amazing breastfeeding journey and thought it would come really naturally to me but had heard about how sore your nipples get in the early day.

After having Gabriel by emergency c section 4 weeks early I was told by the midwives at the hospital that I should start by squeezing my boobs and using the syringes to feed him so that my boobs start to produce more ready for the milk to come in…. I remember sitting with the curtains closed in our ward me squeezing my boobs whilst Ainslee squeezed it up in the syringe… I was thinking ‘God Ainslee’s seen it all now’. As we were in hospital for 4 days due to Gabriel having Jaundice the midwives told me that I needed to give him a bottle of formula as it would flush out the jaundice quicker… I have to say I was gutted about this and truly felt like the midwives just wanted me out of the hospital so that I could free up my bed (looking back now) for someone else, but I thought that they were right at the time so gave him a couple of bottles and carried on giving him my colostrum too!

Whilst in the hospital I was so shocked that all the other girls were choosing to formula feed from the get-go.. it didn’t make sense to me, it’s the best thing for baby, great for weight loss and it’s free!!! This is what we have boobs for right?… it didn’t make sense to me… I know women have trouble with feeding and can end up having to formula feed but the fact so many people choose to formula feed from the get-go didn’t make sense to me. Is it because people don’t want to get their boobs out in public? Is it because you want to share the feeding with others? I was so excited about having this amazing bond with my baby so when I left the hospital that evening I couldn’t help but feel gutted about having to give my baby formula milk.

That night before bed I gave Gabriel his final bottle of formula and told myself I WAS GOING TO DO THIS, throughout the night I kept getting him to latch in the hope we could change this around… but it was too late, Gabriel had got used to the bottle teet already and would no long latch… so I carried on squeezing the colostrum out and syringing it into his mouth until the morning when the ‘feeding team’ came round to our house to check on us. By this point I was using the breast pump and giving him my milk from the bottle which I was finding so hard and tiring.

The feeding team midwives told me that he had a bad tongue tie and that could be why he’s struggling to feed, so they gave me a pack of nipple shield that mimicked the bottle teet and he latched straight away! I was so happy! I couldn’t go through with him having his tongue cut so we persevered with the nipple shields for a good few months, I bought every style and even found some shorter nipple shields which he would have to work harder to feed from as he got older. I’ve slowly weaned him off them now so he’s now feeding straight from my nipple as he’s got older and stronger, he’s now 4 months old and we are feeding really well. This just goes to show that if your baby does have a bad tongue tie there’s no reason not to carry on and persevere with breastfeeding… if you really want to do it I truly believe its possible. After talking to a midwife I also found out myself and Ainslee both have tongue ties and both of our mums breast fed us… I think only recently people have been making it an issue and Im sure babies have had tongue ties for generations but they have only recently started cutting them… So because of our journey I’ve had no problems with sore or cracked nipples like most breastfeeding mums.. but I’ve also heard that so many mums have had to give up breastfeeding due to a tongue tie but I truly believe that with the right support (my breast feeding team were amazing) and your own dedication you will be able to breastfeed even with a tongue tied baby! DON’T GIVE UP!

Also when it comes to feeding in public, I’ve been for meals out with friends, shopping on my own in Manchester and even at the hairdressers and I’ve felt comfortable enough to feed Gabriel… with all the nursing friendly clothes out there these days or even just wear some high waisted pants and pulling your jumper/tshirt up you’ll find you’re not showing anything off. So far I haven’t had anyone stare or make me feel uncomfortable, let’s face it you’re doing the most natural thing in the world!

I absolutely love breastfeeding and find it comes super naturally to me.. but I guess sometimes it’s not you who can have the problems with feeding and it can be the baby that struggles, which I was never really made aware of pre baby! I’d love to hear all about your breastfeeding journeys, Im planning on breastfeeding for as long as possible with Gabriel but no older than 2 as this is what I feel is the best thing for my baby! Please comment on my picture on Instagram and share your journey! ❤

Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate Review

As you all probably know by know, I am a huge fan of Kiehls skincare… for myself, boyfriend and baby! As a household we adore their products and also how natural and gentle on the skin they are..

It’s literally all I use so when I went to the Bloggers Brunch for the relaunch of the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate at Kiehls on King Street, Manchester I was so excited to hear about this product as I had never come across the old one… When I heard the words Hyaluronic Acid I couldn’t wait to try this product, Ive heard lots of other beauty bloggers talking about products with hyaluronic acid in but had always been too scared to invest and try them as I have super sensitive skin so had always been worried about reacting or my skin going really red. So when I heard about this relaunch I knew that this would be the product for me as I have never had any problems with Kiehls products and always get amazing results from every product.

Whats different to the old Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate?

Kiehl’s original anti-ageing Vitamin C serum, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, now with 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

Now formulated with even more Vitamin C, Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate incorporates 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside. In addition to Vitamin C, this anti-ageing serum now includes Hyaluronic Acid. The formula helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while helping to improve the feel of skins texture. Skin looks radiant and feels smoother. This Vitamin C serum is carefully-formulated to provide clinically-proven results in a concentration gentle enough for sensitive skin.


Also as I new mum this serum couldn’t have come out at a better time! I have been using this product now for a couple of weeks and my skin feels incredible.. It feels so smoother, even and hydrated. It’s been my go-to product to give my skin so much more life now that I’m sleep deprived with a newborn. My skin looks much more glowy before I even have to put my make-up on and Ive even caught my boyfriend using it a couple of times….



My Birth Story

Well lets just start by saying I never even thought I’d be writing this post.. throughout my whole pregnancy I couldn’t image actually having a successful birth after last time… Gabriel was booked in for a c section at 39 weeks (on the 17th November) right between mine and Ainslee’s birthdays. We thought that would be perfect so that we could all celebrate together each year. We were having to have a c section because Sebastian had brain damage so we were ruling out anything like that happening to Gabriel, but as he was breech we ended up having to have a c section anyway.

But at 36 weeks Gabriel had a different plan…

It was 9am in the morning on the 30th October and I had just been FaceTiming my mum and dad (as they were in Australia and not back until 12th November) telling them how relaxed I felt and that I had had such a good sleep and ‘knew’ he wasn’t going to come early as I had felt so relaxed. The previous night I had a really relaxing bath and the last time I had a bath was the night before Sebastian arrived…. I had been scared to have a bath up until now and to this day I still believe that this is what brought both of my labours on.

After FaceTiming my family I got up and started doing some chores, I went into the spare bedroom and started putting the laundry into piles and as I was doing this I heard Ainslee come home after his morning of clients.. by this point it was around 10:30am. I went into my bedroom to grab my laptop because I wanted to show Ainslee something and as I walked back onto the landing my waters broke.. It was like an uncontrollable wee, I knew exactly what it was and let out a huge scream!!! Ainslee shouted at me and said ‘WHAT?’ He thought I had seen a spider and was being over dramatic or something haha! So I told him my waters had broken…. so I went into the bathroom whilst Ainslee called the hospital and explained what had happened, they said to come straight in so I quickly had a shower whilst Ainslee stumbled around packing me a bag (I still hadn’t got everything ready) Whilst I was in the shower my contractions started to come on quite strong from nowhere, around every 10 minutes and I started getting anxious and told Ainslee we needed to rush to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital it was around 12pm by this point we were told to wait in the waiting room. Everyone in the waiting room seemed really calm.. I WAS NOT! I would cry when each contraction arrived, I couldn’t get comfortable and kept having to get up and sit down again. I felt awful! I ended up shouting at Ainslee and saying ‘GET SOMEONE TO SEE ME NOW!’ I never shout at Ainslee so my hormones by this point must have been telling me that he was coming. We were finally seen at 1:30pm and I was given some paracetamol.. I told the lady I needed to push and she didn’t believe me but said she would get someone to come and examine me…

The lady did the examination and said the words ‘oh my gosh she’s 9 1/2 cm’s dilated!’ after that moment everything went very quickly… they got me ready for theatre and I went down to have an emergency c section. I think if he wasn’t breech by this point I would have said I wanted to push him out.

By 3pm exactly my little rainbow baby was born at a healthy 6lb 13oz…

Cute Cute Boutique Made in Cheshire

If you haven’t heard about Cute Cute Boutique, have little girls and live in Cheshire… Then where have you been?? This place is the go-to for gorgeous hair accessories, beautiful ballet outfits and the most gorgeous christening/wedding outfits for your little girls.

Magda the owner of set up her online business in 2012 and after running out of room in her house for all her gorgeous stock she decided to open up a boutique in Wilmslow in 2015. The boutique is also used as a showroom for all of her clients to visit so they can pick out their favourite pieces. She has clients in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Middle East and Dubai who love what she makes as all of her stock is handmade by herself and members of staff in Cheshire, so if you want something in particular making… She can make it for you!

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.18.32.png

The footballers wives of the Manchester United and Manchester City team love to buy their daughters these exquisite headbands and also the hair clips, if you ever see them wearing hair accessories they are probably from CuteCuteBoutique.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.59.26.png

All of the dresses that she makes are out of this world! She has a small selection on her website, but lots more to choose from in her Wilmslow Boutique. The prices are quite reasonable too, if you want something different that isn’t in the usual high street stores, this is the place to go to.

If your daughter wants to wear a bow in her hair everyday like I did as a child then that is absolutely fine. Or if you struggle getting your daughter to wear anything pretty, then maybe bringing her to CuteCute will make her change her mind.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.34.46.png

She even stocks tutu’s, leotards and tights for your little ballerinas, so they can now look the most adorable in their ballet class. If you didn’t know already.. I own a ballet school in Hale and Alderley Edge and all our little girls will be wearing CuteCute very soon!

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.41.09.png
These tutu’s come in all colours.

Find them on social media: 

Instagram @cutecuteboutique

Facebook @cutecuteboutique

Or browse their website:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.50.00.png

The Perfect Eyes at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt

If you’re anything like me and lead a busy life and want your beauty regime to be as quick as possible then you will know about all the treatments out there that mean you don’t have to apply mascara or you don’t need to pencil your eyebrows every day. As I’m not really into having semi-permanent make up applied to my face I feel like having a good pair of eyebrows and having eyelashes extensions or LVL lashes always makes me feel better about my appearance.

My previous experience’s have included having tape applied under my eyes to tape my lashes down and having to go through the painful process of it been pulled off afterwards, glue fumes making my eyes water when I open my eyes or glue sticking my eyelids together and painful waxing of my eyebrows….. I can assure you at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt you will experience NONE of this!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 14.13.38

Donna the owner of Cheshire Beauty Sculpt treated me to eyelash extensions and HD Brows last week. She started by applying gorgeous cooling gel pads under my eyes which felt so relaxing, then we talked about the style of lashes I was looking to achieve… whether I wanted a dramatic look or something a bit more natural. After applying all the individual lashes she then peeled away the cooling pads and I was able to open my eyes. The eyebrow waxing was painless and even quite relaxing when the wax was applied.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 16.11.14.png
My gorgeous lashes and brows.

Whilst I was chatting with Donna when having my treatments done I found out that Rebecca Walker will now be doing LVL lashes at Cheshire Beauty Sculpt once a months SATURDAY STARTING 3RD SEPTEMBER.

So if you are more of an LVL gal Rebecca is your go-to girl for these!

For all enquiries and bookings for any of these treatments please call: 0161 425 7272

And make sure you check out all the other treatments that they do.




A little treat from Umberto Giannini at Harvey Nichols


Last week I was invited to go along to Umberto Giannini at Harvey Nichols in Manchester for a cut and blow dry. I was so excited to go as it’s not like visiting your average salon. On entrance you walk through the ground floor of Harvey Nichols, through the beauty department and then you come to the entrance of the beautiful Umberto Giannini. Kirsten then lead me through to the salon where I was met by Ben, the salon Manager and stylist. We then had a hair consultation and discussed everything.. From what I don’t like about my hair to what I dream of having my hair like to what I’m doing this afternoon (these guys are so friendly). This gave Ben a good vision of exactly what I wanted, so that I could let him work his magic on me.

Kirsten then lead me over to the backwash, where she gave me THE most relaxing head massage and treatment, I was then left to relax for a few minutes in their super relaxing reclining chairs so that the treatment could soak in fully before rinsing it out. The treatment made my hair feel so soft (usually I have to tear a brush through it) I was then lead back to my chair where Ben then offered me a glass of Champagne… I had to refuse as I was driving 😦 *Maybe next time*


Ben then worked his magic, listening to everything I said I wanted! Who else has been to the hairdressers and felt like they haven’t been listened to or just generally hated their hair cut? I can guarantee at Umberto Giannini this will not be the case. Cut and Blow Dry prices start from as little as £36 which for the experience, luxury and high end standard of the hair cut I believe you are getting a bargain.

On departure of the salon the gorgeous Claire from the salon gave me a gift of a massive beauty hamper, I have since tried out most of the products from the box and I have to say my hair is feeling in tip top condition right now. You can buy all of these products from the shop in Harvey Nichols located in the beauty department. My favourite items where definitely the volume range. Shampoo, conditioner and volume in a bottle. Perfect for making sure you have FABULOUS hair for a night out.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 22.07.15.png


I am heading back to the salon next week so watch this space for my colour blog.. Helping you know the difference balayage, ombre, dip dye and high lights. So that you know exactly what to ask for and where to get it done *Umberto Giannini*


Contact the salon

Check them out on

Instagram @umbertogianninimanchester

Twitter @claire_UmbertoG

Call the salon on 0161 828 8840

Cheshire Gossip Girls favourite ‘Winter Warmers’

As we have put all our Christmas decorations away and can get our homes back to normal again, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite interior pieces and must-haves for these dark, cold, wintery nights… Which I think are going to be hanging around for longer than we think…


I love making my home look pretty, looking on Pinterest for amazing interior design ideas which I try to copy by finding pieces locally at an affordable price, that will last for years to come (I know, I don’t ask for much). In the process of all of this I have found some amazing local retailers, selling things from candles, sofas, cushions to even light fixings.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.39.24.png

Lets start with my favourite candles… I have been a lover of smelling beautiful candles ever since I was a teenager, spending what seemed like hours smelling all the candles in Selfridges when shopping with my mum. Well that love only escalated , I now have candles in most areas of my home. From Jo Malone to Yankee its safe to say I am obsessed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.37.48.png

I then found The Naked Candle Company, a local company based and sourced in Cheshire owned by Simone and Jake and they were kind enough to give me the range of candles that they produce, from Tobacco, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Black Orchard, Lime Basil & Mandarin to Wild Fig and Cassis. Its safe to say all their candles smell AMAZING! Their candles smell as good as Jo Malone… If not better and are a fraction of the price ranging from £6 – £15! My favourite scent was Tobacco…. you know you have a good candle when you keep opening up the box to remind you of the smell.

Check out all of their candle range at

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.01.23

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 21.56.41.png

The shop that I buy the majority of my furnishings from is HomeBird, they have a huge store in Cheadle Hulme and a smaller shop in Wilmslow, they sell anything from gorgeous sofas to cool cushions. If you haven’t been you should pay them a visit (make sure you give yourself a few hours.. you’ll get lost in there) They sell photo frames and furniture as well, you name it, its in there. My two favourite ‘winter warmers’ from there are this quirky cushion and the amazing throw which only costs £35… so its super affordable too.

Check out their website at – But you have to visit the shop to see their whole selection.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.09.37.png

My next obsession is rose gold, from my laptop to my vase, I think it’s super stylish. Even when I go out for dinner and they have a rose gold light  fixture I ask where its from… Here are a few ideas of similar things I have in my home.

Im sure you will be hearing more about my love of furnishings again,

Thanks for reading, Cheshire Gossip Girl xoxo






Young Venom Launch Party


Cheshire Gossip Girl was invited along to Young Venom’s Launch Party the other week to preview their brand new shop. Champagne was flowing and people were all leaving with bags full of gorgeous items. This boutique clothing store has everything from handbags, party dresses, day wear to even gym attire. Young Venom is definitely the trendiest addition to Hale Village.

Lauren and Matt have opened this business together and have worked so hard in creating YVhale and you can definitely tell! They have created a super edgy shop, with bare bricks and medal designs on the walls, the whole family have come together to make everything themselves even down to the tables and changing rooms.


If you are wanting a girly shopping trip before a big night out or you just want to pop by to see what they have… I guarantee you won’t be leaving empty handed. From designer brands such as Forever Unique, Brave Soul, Rockin Rev and Hoxton Haus, the owners have also created their own bang on trend line called ‘YV’.

Young Venom are holding events through out the year… the next one being ‘YV party dress perfect event’ this month, to help everyone find that perfect Christmas party dress.

So when you visit the store be sure to get your name down on their mailing list so that you too can get an invite to some of Hale’s hottest events!



On the night I purchased this gorgeous corduroy dress from the YV range, which I can wear on its own or layer it up with a polar neck and a pair of tights for a fabulous day time look. I also bought some of their Hoxton Haus Gym wear which is amazing and really good quality for wearing at the gym or going for a run as all of their items come with reflective technology… perfect for my night time runs! I now have my eye on a gorgeous suede body con dress for a new years party ❤

Where to find them?

28 Victoria Road, Hale Village

Twitter: @YVhale

Instagram: Young Venom

Facebook: YVhale


Lots of love Cheshire Gossip Girl xoxo


Cheshire Gossip Girls Beauty Secrets

As you all no that I have a massive love for beauty and hair I thought that I would share all of my beauty secrets with you guys…. Nail varnishes, moisturisers, exfoliators, fake tanning, make up, hair care.. I will spill it all.

Lets start with hair – my hair is quite thick and I have been told by many of hair dresses that my hair is ‘corse’ which unfortunately for me has meant that for years I have been fighting with frizz and curly waves, trying to get it as straight as possible, which has never really worked. But whilst hosting a beauty event in Hale I came across an amazing hair oil sample in a goody from HOBS Salon called Bamboo – Kendi Oil, I tried this oil whilst on a beach holiday in Crete as my hair gets extremely dry from the sea and sun… ever since using it my hair has never felt so good. As soon as I got back from my holiday I went and bought the full size bottle. As for shampoo and conditioner I use Kerastase colour protect so that my balayage stays in tip top condition for as long as possible – I can use the conditioner as a weekly treatment too by leaving it on a little longer!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 19.07.36

When it comes to your skin I feel that it is so important to keep moisturised. We have to look after our skin especially whilst we are young to prevent any premature ageing. I ALWAYS moisturise after my morning shower and at night I smother myself in moisturiser before I put my pyjamas on. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Creme 300g £40 is my little luxury! I also fake tan every Tuesday and Friday evening using St Tropez Gradual Tan and exfoliate once a week to keep my skin in tip top condition.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 19.10.02.png

With my face I have to keep it really clean. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day…this could be morning and evening or mid-day and evening, I try not to do it more than twice as I don’t want to over-do it.. but as I go to the gym 6 days a week I need to make sure after working out I have removed all the dirt and sweat from my face to avoid breakouts (It’s a nightmare). My make-up is always quite simple, I use NARS Tinted Moisturiser, Dior Bronzer, mascara and highlighter, Kiko eyebrow pencil and Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet.. I find with these products I can make it look really simple, or if I’m going out I can build it up more with the different eyeshadow colours and mascara.

Nails… Im obsessed with Nailsinc – Nail Kale, Its AMAZING! It lasts for over a week without chipping and because it has kale in it when you take it off your nails feel so much stronger. Their colours are so pretty too, I love a nude nail or pale pink.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 19.04.26

I would love to answer more of your questions on beauty or hair!

Lots of love

Cheshire Gossip Girl

Live Lusso Wilmslow

If you haven’t already heard of Live Lusso, then we are very excited to be introducing you to them. Live Lusso are a brand new Beauty and Hair salon right in the heart of Wilmslow town centre. Their salon is super high end and all their treatments are to the highest of standards.

If you are looking for some serious ‘Me Time’ Lusso is definitely the place to go. Their furnishing’s are so luxurious and stylish and the staff will always make sure you are comfortable with a glass of Champagne in your hand.

From popping in for your weekly maintenance treatments to splashing out to treat yourself, Live Lusso has it sorted.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 16.19.44.png

On my visit to the salon I was lucky enough to have a Live Lusso OPI gel manicure by Bethany and a week later I went back to have my hair done by Michael who did gorgeous Balayage and a cut and finish for me, which I love and cant wait to go back!


Live Lusso have the top stylists and therapists in their specific field, who are completely familiar with all the latests trends and techniques.

Hair, nails, waxing, threading, make-up, massage and facials Live Lusso can do it all. For more info on their treatments check out their website


You can also buy all your favourite beauty products in store too. Kerastase, Decleor, Espa, GHD and OPI the list is endless… All the staff are so helpful at advising what products are the best for YOU to be using at home.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 16.33.44

Get In Touch

5 Alderley Road,



01625 444880